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April 4, 2010

A busy week that was at SCOTUS for sentencing fans

The biggest story for criminal justice fans coming from the Supreme Court this week was surely its ruling in Padilla concerning the application of the Sixth Amendment to how an attorney advises a defendant prior to a plea (details here and here).  But the Justices also heard argument on consequential sentencing issues in Dillon and Barber and on some other complicated criminal justice issues with various sentencing implications (see list here). 

Anyone looking for comprehensive coverage of all these happenings should head over to SCOTUSblog, but here I can link my recent coverage of the Justices' doings during the dynamic week that was.  Many of these posts have long, thoughtful comments by readers that especially merit careful reading:

I will have more to say specifically about the Padilla ruling in a subsequent post, though readers are welcome to continue the commentary on this major Sixth Amendment decision.  I am also eager to get reader comments on any other aspects of what the Justices are doing or thinking on sentencing issues these days.

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