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April 19, 2010

An intriguing week on tap for SCOTUS and sentencing fans

The Supreme Court is back from its latest break today, and this SCOTUSblog post details the Justices' basic agenda for hearing arguments.  Of the four arguments on tap for this week, at least two should be of special interest for criminal justice fans:

City of Ontario v. Quon (08-1332) — right of privacy for public employee’s text messages by government-issued pagers

Dolan v. United States (09-367) — federal judges’ power to order restitution for crime victims

Because Dolan involves a technical timing issue, I am not expecting a big ruling in a case that obviously deals directly with sentencing matters.  In contrast, though Quon involves at Fourth Amendment issue, I am expecting the Supreme Court's first foray into the digital world to have inevitable echo effects into a lot of cybercrime and punishment matters.

In addition, as noted in this post late last week, SCOTUS has announced that it will be handing down opinions on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and I am hoping one (or more) of the big sentencing cases still pending could be among the cases decided this week.

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I really cant wait for the verdict on the Graham and Sullivan vs Florida case. I hope thing's go well in the SCOTUS. LWOP for juves are a bit too harsh. Why dont you rather use the death penalty on them, if your just going to convict him to life without parole. His lifes already over. The criminal record too me is too harsh. After your out of prison, you have no life. Job's dont want you. Creates stress for people who want to start a new life. Criminal record's in my opinion should just be kept to the police, and no job companies, should see it.

Posted by: N/A | Apr 19, 2010 5:27:20 PM

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