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April 16, 2010

USSC posts lots of interesting public comments on proposed guideline amendments

I just noticed that the US Sentencing Commission has this new item on its webpage:

Public Comment on Proposed Amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines

The Commission received comment from Congress, the judiciary, the executive branch, members of the defense bar, interested organizations, and citizens in response to its request for public comment on proposed amendments to the sentencing guidelines (see 75 FR 3525).

The link takes you to here to a page with what looks like more than 100 written comments on all the major issues began tackled by the USSC in this year's guideline amendment cycle.  And, on that front, I have heard various unofficial reports about amendments that have been now approved by the Commission.  But I have been hoping/waiting (impatiently) for an official press release from the USSC about its actions so that I can be confident I am reporting the details accurate.

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Interesting. Barely waiting for an accurate post about it

Posted by: Lemon Law | Apr 16, 2010 12:02:42 PM

This Commission is highly offensive to the owners of the law, and to crime victims. All permitted comments are from rent seeking, criminal loving, special interests. One citizen letter seeks to decrease the use of mandatory and may be a stealthy special interest plea. All commenters have irremediable conflicts of interests. This Commission is composed of an unalloyed group of incompetents, dumbasses, misfits, mental cripples who believe in supernatural doctrines. Any output is garbage, even if I can agree with it.

By an Amendment, the lawyer must be excluded from all benches, legislative seats, and responsible, executive, policy positions. If the public fails to enact this change, it deserves the mass slaughter of 17,000 people a year, the victimization of 5 million people by ultra-violent predators, the mass eradication of millions of viable babies, and a permanent 3% economic growth rate instead of the more natural 9% of our much lazier, less productive, but far smarter Asian friends. We are entitled to this growth rate, but thank the vile lawyer internal traitor if our friends can buy us out. Start memorizing the 20,000 character Mandarin alphabet, is the advice if anyone has kids.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Apr 16, 2010 8:06:04 PM

Unrelated question... Have you heard anything about federal criminals reporting to prison after June 2010 needing to only serve 50% of their sentence? (Dependent upon good behavior, etc.) Someone mentioned it to me, but I have been unable to substantiate it.

Posted by: Amanda | Apr 19, 2010 9:12:38 PM

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