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May 4, 2010

Former Qwest CEO Nacchio, in court to waive right to be in court, says street folks better than suite folks

As detailed in this prior post, former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio was ordered last month to appear in federal court in order to be able to effectively waive his right to appear in federal court for his resentencing.  This new AP article provides an interesting report on today's waiver hearing, as detailed in these excerpts:

A federal judge on Tuesday agreed to let imprisoned former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio waive his right to attend his re-sentencing hearings in June, but not before Nacchio said he has met better people in prison than some of the people he once worked with.

Nacchio, sporting a shaved head, goatee, glasses and a khaki-colored prison jumpsuit, was transferred from a federal prison camp in Minersville, Pa., for the hearing in Denver.  He and his attorney had insisted in court documents that Nacchio wanted to skip the hearings June 22-24, when U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger will recalculate his sentence of six years in prison, plus $71 million in fines and forfeitures, for insider trading.  An appeals court ruled the sentence was too harsh.

However, Krieger wanted to see Nacchio in person to make sure his decision was informed and voluntary.  Nacchio, who has spent a year in prison, told Krieger he wanted to stay closer to his family rather than be transferred to Denver for the hearings, a trip that can take several weeks as an inmate.  He said he spent more than a week in solitary confinement during his transfer for the hearing Tuesday, unable to speak with his lawyer or wife....

He said he serves as the Roman Catholic eucharistic minister to fellow inmates and said there aren't Sunday services when he isn't there. "Everybody I've ever met in prison finds it a difficult situation, so the state has accomplished what it set out to do," Nacchio said....

Nacchio said it is important for him and his fellow inmates to support each other and that being in prison offers many opportunities to sit alone and think. "I've met plenty of good people in prison," Nacchio said, adding he'd met better people in prison than some of the people he's worked with. "But that's subjective," he said....

Krieger didn't comment on Nacchio's reasons for skipping the June hearings but found him competent to waive his right to attend. Nacchio was handcuffed before being escorted out of the courtroom.

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so in otherwords the entire procedure was a massive WASTE of time and MONEY unless of couse the ideal behind it was to showboat for the DA or a Power Trip for the Judge. NEITHER of which justifies it.

In fact it should result in somekind of charges.

Posted by: rodsmith | May 5, 2010 1:24:32 AM

rediculous. the entire way this case was handled should have resulted in somekind of charges.

Posted by: DavidG | May 5, 2010 1:54:32 AM

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