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May 2, 2010

Interesting review of the age of killers and those killed in Alabama

Homicide-defendantsjpg-5e7a6570ddce64ba_large This feature story from the Birmingham News, which is headlined "The killing years: Accused killers in the Birmingham area, and victims, often under age 25," provides an interesting review of the chronological dynamics surrounding those killed and those who are killers in one of Alabama's major urban regions. Here is how the piece starts:

When people are murdered in Jefferson County, chances are the killer was a male under 25 using a gun. More than half of the accused killers in the county were 24 or younger, according to a Birmingham News analysis of homicides from 2006 through 2009. Nine times out of 10, the victims were shot to death.

The percentage of homicides with defendants under age 25 who used guns in Jefferson County substantially exceeds the national average, statistics show.  In Birmingham, where nearly three-quarters of the county's murders occurred, the disparity was even worse from 2006-2009.

Ages 16 through 24 are the killing years here.  That age group comprised 56 percent of the accused killers in Birmingham and 54 percent across the county those four years.

Nationally, 42 percent of the homicide defendants were 17 through 24, according to FBI statistics, which do not break out separate numbers for 16-year-olds.  The 17-24 age group made up 52 percent of the homicide defendants in Birmingham and 50 percent across Jefferson County.

"We're seeing more violence from that age group, more kids with cold hearts," said A.C. Roper, Birmingham's police chief. "Quite often we've heard kids say, 'Well, the victim went to a better place,' and chalk it up as if they were doing God's will or something."

Ages 16 through 24 also are the dying years.  About 16 percent of Birmingham's population is in that age group, but 33 percent of its homicide victims die that young.

"The one issue that has caused me the greatest concern is seeing young men gunned down in the streets by other young men," said Roper, whose 19-year-old brother was murdered while holding his infant son during a 1992 robbery attempt.

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Because the majority of murderers were challenging to handle, likely from age 3, the names are well known in childhood.

If the lawyer can be removed from responsible positions, and 123D can start at 14, 90% of the murders would be prevented. The lawyer favors the death penalty in mass quantity, namely 17,000 a year. He just opposes it for his client. The murder victim generates no lawyer job and may die en masse, all a rough way, without legal process or recourse, sentenced and executed by the good lawyer client, the murderer.

The average murderer was hurting dozens of people a year for years, and could not be touched, protected and immunized by the lawyer traitor. This murdering maniac cannot even be caned in school without costing the teacher's job and having ruinous litigation against the school, imposed by the pro-criminal, biased lawyer on the bench, at the point of a gun. Because of 1) the harsh outcome of this lawyer rent seeking bunco scheme; 2) the self dealt immunities of the criminal cult hierarchy; 3) the cold hearted, vicious, pitilessness of the lawyer internal enemy ("pay or die, you decide"), direct action against the murderer protectors, in self help, by the families of murder victims has full intellectual and moral justification. It should start with a registry of murderer protectors. These should be boycotted by all product and service providers. They should be shunned by all family and neighbors. They are the people who set the murder rate and prevent any effective remedy, for government sinecures.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | May 2, 2010 4:26:38 PM

S.C., get a grip on this.

It explains why your world will always be cold and brutal.

Posted by: George | May 3, 2010 5:56:48 AM

George: Once incapacitated, I do not object to any enhanced prison experience, education, therapy, keeping well paying jobs, visits with hookers, paying for the luxuries the prisoner can afford.

Work is a privilege for good behavior. It endows the prisoner with a sense of achievement. It is the lawyer that called it slavery and ended many prison enterprises unless minimum wage were paid. Structured activity will reduce rule breaking and make time go faster. We are talking about only 1 and 2 of 123D.

I have never seen you shed any tear for the 17,000 people subjected to extra-judicial execution each year. Do you know why? There is none because the execution victims generate no lawyer fee, and may rot in their shallow graves.

I would like to make the police liable to the individual crime victim for deviation from professional standards. Once the lawyer could sue for a crime victim, the boohoos will be Niagaras.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | May 3, 2010 6:53:43 AM

Guess Norway doesn't suffer from a sissy complex of the sort that has America tying itself in knots trying to look tough.

Posted by: John K | May 3, 2010 1:46:28 PM

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