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May 7, 2010

"Men’s Central Jail is a modern-day medieval dungeon"

LA jail The title of this post is part of the quote that accompanies this picture from the Los Angeles County jail depicted here and in a series of photos available here from the ACLU of Southern California.  Here is the full quote/caption:

“Men’s Central Jail is a modern-day medieval dungeon, a dank, windowless place where prisoners live in fear of retaliation and abuse apparently goes unchecked. The jail is not an appropriate facility for housing prisoners with mental illness, many of whom do not receive proper treatment for their mental illness,” said Peter Eliasberg, ACLU/SC managing attorney. “At the root of the many problems plaguing this toxic facility is overcrowding and the only solutions are to either reduce the jail population dramatically or close it.”

The photo-spread accompanies a new report released by the ACLU of California concerning the jail conditions.  This press release, which is headlined "Overcrowded Men’s Central Jail Plagued by Violence and Hazardous Living Conditions, New ACLU Report Finds," provides this overview of the report:

A report released today by the American Civil Liberties Union shows that overcrowding and unsanitary conditions that have plagued the jail for more than 30 years still persist, along with an apparent culture of violence and fear, including prisoner-on-prisoner assaults and the use of excessive force by deputies. The picture of the jail that emerges in stark and disturbing detail in the report suggests that mentally disabled prisoners suffer some of the worst treatment, and that retaliation and a lack of transparency in conducting investigations into prisoner complaints make it difficult to assess the true extent of violence that occurs there....

With approximately 20,000 detainees, the Los Angeles County jail system is the largest and most expensive in the nation, costing nearly $1 billion a year to operate. Men’s Central Jail is nearly 50 years old and currently houses an average of 5,000 detainees. More than half are simply awaiting trial – in other words, they are presumed innocent and have yet to get their day in court.

The ACLU/SC and the ACLU National Prison Project are the court-appointed monitors of conditions within the jail.

The new report, based on the observations of ACLU jail monitors, numerous interviews with prisoners, and thousands of prisoner complaints gathered between 2008 and 2009, focuses on conditions inside Men’s Central Jail, the largest jail in the county’s system.

The full ACLU/SC report can be found at this link.

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The entitlement mentality taught to these criminals by the ACLU led them to believe their pleasures come before the suffering of crime victims and before the rule of law. The rule of law does not reach the areas where they operate. The police takes three hours to show up, and comes back later if they shooting has not died down. The ACLU should be defunded and closed down. They are the forward spear point only for lawyer rent seeking. Victims of lawyer abuse will never get action from these horrible lawyer rent seekers.

Some suggestions to test the wrongheaded, misleading conclusions of this report.

1) How about committing fewer crimes to reduce overcrowding? How about letting the neighbors of these criminals kick their asses and burn them out without being harassed by the criminal lover police and prosecutors. Go over to the crack house and set it on fire with the doors blocked from the outside. Shoot anyone coming from the windows. Rezone these criminals.

2) Offer liberty in exchange for a permanent return to whatever armpit, Third World country the criminals came from. I bet almost no one takes that offer. It is better to live in an LA dungeon than in a palace where they came from.

3) Offer to release the presumably innocent prisoners in exchange for hard labor to pay for bail, or for unpaid fines. I bet almost no one takes that offer.

4) Many of the prisoners, especially illegal aliens have the fines or the bail in their wallets. Offer to accept the content of their wallet as payment in full. I bet many refuse that offer. Why? They are hiding out from a bunch of illegal alien paramilitary gangs planning to behead them when they see them again for some slight offense or failure to comply with extortion. Get the names of these gangs. Have the police in armored vehicles kill them all, and their families, where they live. Many of these prisoners now want to leave and pay whatever they have to. This is what happens to any criminal who dares to set foot where lawyers live. Summary death penalty is at the scene, with the police blasting from three sides. The neighborhoods of lawyer have lower crime rates than the best neighborhoods of Japan or Switzerland.

5) Best proposal of all. Release two thirds of the prisoners to homes and halfway houses next to the residences of judges, ACLU officials, prosecutors and defense attorneys, all seized under Kelo, to benefit the private interests of the prisoners seeking relief from dungeon living. Let them hang out on the porches. As the children of these lawyer traitors walk to school, let the released prisoners say, "Hi, Sweetie. You look nice today."

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | May 7, 2010 8:40:09 PM

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