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June 9, 2010

Do "mama grizzlies" have a particular approach to crime and punishment issues?

As detailed in this NPR piece and this Politico piece, one theme emerging from yesterday's election results is the success of female Republican candidates that had Sarah Palin's backing — or, as Sarah Palin call them, "Mama Grizzlies."  Though it is probably too soon to figure out the long-term political impact of the conservative feminism that Sarah Palin seeks to stir up with her "mama grizzly" themes, it is not too early for me to speculate about whether "mama grizzlies" may adopt a particular approach to crime and punishment issues.

This recent Facebook posting by Sarah Palin endorsing a congressional candidate in Arkansas suggests that a mama grizzly politician seeks to "protect our great country’s freedom [while being a] pro-family, pro-2nd Amendment, fiscal conservative."  It is not clear that this description connotes any particular perspective on crime and punishment issues, especially with respect to controversial modern issues like whether sexting should be subject to criminal prosecution or whether non-violent felons should forever lose their gun rights.  As regular readers know, I believe a true "fiscal conservative" should be very concerned about excessive government spending on the drug war and mass incarceration, but it is not clear that many politicians who stress fiscal conservatism are especially bothered by the high fiscal costs of America's criminal justice systems.

Whatever might prove to be the criminal justice profile of so-called mama grizzlies, yesterday's election at the very least shows yet again how potent a political force Sarah Palin has become.  Thus, I continue to think those eager to engineer criminal justice reforms ought to be reaching out to Palin and trying to convince her that such reforms could be very beneficial for all of America's grizzly cubs. 

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If I were a male, I would find the high achieving conservative babe irresistible. They have it all, they bring it all.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jun 9, 2010 9:08:59 PM

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