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July 2, 2010

Seeking SCOTUS reflections for guest posts over holiday weekend

I am heading on the road this morning and will be away from my usual blog locales for an extended holiday period.  Blogging will continue, but will likely be relatively light over the next week or so.  During this period, I would really like to receive from thoughtful (and even not-so-thoughtful) reflections on the Supreme Court and sentencing that I might post in this space to provides some diverse reflections on the Roberts Court's past, present and future.

Folks are, of course, welcome to send me via e-mail comments on the SCOTUS Term that just wrapped up (my first reflections appear in this recent post).  But I would also love to be able to post comments on how sentencing (or broader criminal justice) issues are developing during the first few years of the Roberts Court.  Or about how Justice Souter's replacement by Justice Sotomayor and Justice Stevens replacement my (likely) Justice Kagan might impact where the Roberts Court is heading on various criminal justice issues.  Or about the nature and development of the SCOTUS docket and cert pool.  Or about any other related question.

If/when folks send me materials for guest posts, it would be helpful to indicate if and how you would like to be identified.  I am happy to post thoughtful comments without attribution, but I will be a bit more likely to post text if the author is prepared to sign his or her name to it.

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These are members of the hierarchy of the criminal cult enterprise that has total control of policy decisions of our government. They are all legal realists for the purpose of promoting the business plan of this criminal cult enterprise. No matter how customary or established or even settled, judicial review remains a violation of Article I Section 1 of the Constitution.

"Article I, Section 1.

All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives."

Please, note the first word, "all." No denial, no delusion, no self-kidding will do anything to attenuate the out of control insurrection of these cult criminals against the Constitution. To dignify treason with a scholarly review is offensive and pointless.

They are also the enforcers of supernatural, garbage, church based core legal doctrines, unlawful in our secular nation, and spitting on the Establishment Clause.

They were all indoctrinated in a small number of elite, left wing, treason indoctrination camps. Nearly every faculty member at these law schools hates America as it is, and wants to Europeanize it. They are totally biased against all productive sectors, and in favor of larger government. Their torts books and their criminal law books read like Mein Kampfs for tort plaintiffs, and for criminal defendants. Nothing is said by the authors about the devastating damage the lawyer does to our nation, with every breath of life.

Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of this criminal cult enterprise. All share these values, no matter their stated political agenda or affiliation. If someone can find a substantive difference between Scalia and Ginsburg, I would appreciate learning of it. When it comes to the promotion of lawyer power and enrichment, all superficial differences disappear. That leaves no remedy for productive people or crime victims.

There is no talking to hate filled traitors. Come a major crisis, all that remains are arrests, brief trials, and immediate executions of the entire hierarchy. In addition to judicial review and treason, the majority have repeatedly signed the death warrants for millions of viable babies. They are mass murderers, and deserve no human consideration. They have absolute immunity, and are protected ultimately by the US military. History will judge the current elite and the passive majority (us) as they judge the German people of the 1930's, immoral, making stupid short term bets, and morally reprehensible, evil. The German people lost their bet. Over seven million of them were eradicated, more than Jews, and they lived in the Stone Age for years after the war. They deserved that for making their bad bet. What lays ahead for our mistaken bets and our forbearance of this criminal syndicate is just awful.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jul 2, 2010 9:54:38 PM

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