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August 31, 2010

A few notable medical marijuana headlines

These two major media headlines about medical marijuana developments caught my eye this afternoon:

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$113 billion is spent on marijuana every year in the U.S., and because of the federal prohibition *every* dollar of it goes straight into the hands of criminals. Far from preventing people from using marijuana, the prohibition instead creates zero legal supply amid massive and unrelenting demand.

According to the ONDCP, at least sixty percent of Mexican drug cartel money comes from selling marijuana in the U.S., they protect this revenue by brutally torturing, murdering and dismembering thousands of innocent people.

If we can STOP people using marijuana then we need to do so NOW, but if we can't then we need to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to adults with after-tax prices set too low for the cartels to match. One way or the other, we have to force the cartels out of the marijuana market and eliminate their highly lucrative marijuana incomes - no business can withstand the loss of sixty percent of its revenue!

To date, the cartels have amassed more than 100,000 "foot soldiers" and operate in 230 U.S. cities, and the longer they're allowed to exploit the prohibition the more powerful they'll get and the more our own personal security will be put in jeopardy.

Will you take action to end the federal marijuana prohibition and prevent the terrible suffering and brutal murder of so many of good people?

Posted by: Jillian Galloway | Sep 1, 2010 12:15:14 AM

I'm a public health professional interested in drug policy as it impacts public health. The current laws tend to drive deter people with drug-related health problems from seeking health care, so I'm interested in reducing those law-related barriers.

More importantly, however, I'm a Christian who takes seriously Jesus's command to do unto others what I would have them do unto me. I know that if my child were using marijuana, I'd want to work with him or her as a parent rather than seeing him or her with a criminal record, in jail with the sexual predators, lose their college financial aid, and all of the very real harm that would be caused, not by the marijuana, but by the law. I'd hate for that to happen to anyone's child, but it does, every day. Every single day. It's the law.

Likewise, if my aging parents were to try a little marijuana to ease the aches and pains of growing older, I would not want to see the police confiscate their home and sell it under the property forfeiture laws. I'd hate for that to happen to anyone's parent, but it does. Every day. Every single day.

I encourage people to: Regiser. Vote. Change things. Share the links.

All the anti-prop-19 arguments boil down to "it's better to put people in jail than to let ordinary Americans grow a little marijuana in their own back yards."

The key to success: Register to vote. You've got to register well in advance of election day; it only takes five minutes (even if you have to download a form and take it downtown, it's well worth the effort). All of these links use the usual h t t p : / / w w w prefix:

sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm or to vote by mail


South Dakota:

Voter info:
Register: azsos.gov/election/voterregistration.htm

Michigan: michigan.gov/documents/MIVoterRegistration_97046_7.pdf

Oregon: oregonvotes.org/votreg/vreg.htm

Others: Google your state name and “voter registration.”
College students: You can usually register as a citizen of either your hometown or your college residence town. Share the voter registration info through your student newspaper, twitter, etc.

Everybody: Most states allow early voting and/or vote-by-mail, so once your registered, go ahead and request a ballot (at the voter info site for your state). Save a trip to the polls and get it done while you're thinking about it.

5 minutes. Change the world. Share the links.

Posted by: Conservative Christian | Sep 1, 2010 9:52:26 AM

Marijuana will one day be legal. If it is not Prop 19 this year it will another ballot soon legalizing marijuana. My choice is to give my money to the US tax payers not the brutal drug cartels. Enough is enough! California lead the way and vote yes on Prop 19.

North Carolina

Posted by: Anon | Sep 1, 2010 6:46:30 PM

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