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October 5, 2010

Times Square bomber shows no remorse as he gets a LWOP sentence

As detailed in this Wall Street Journal report, Faisal Shahzad's comments today as he was sentenced to a life prison term did not show any remorse for his efforts to detonate a bomb in Times Square. Here are the basics from today's sentencing proceedings:

A Connecticut man was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday after he admitted to trying to detonate a crudely made car bomb in Times Square in May.

Faisal Shahzad, a U.S. citizen originally from Pakistan, pleaded guilty to a 10-count indictment in June, including charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting an act of terrorism. "Brace yourselves, the war with Muslims has just begun," Mr. Shahzad said before sentencing. He then said the defeat of the U.S. is "imminent."...

Prosecutors from the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan have alleged Mr. Shahzad, 31 years old, received explosives training in Pakistan in December from people affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban, a militant extremist group based there. He allegedly received about $12,000 in cash to help fund the attack, prosecutors said.

In a sentencing letter last week, prosecutors said Mr. Shahzad accessed websites that provided real-time video of the crowds in Times Square in the weeks before the attack "as part of his effort to maximize the deadly effect of his bomb." Mr. Shahzad wanted to select a time with the most pedestrian traffic "because pedestrians walking on the streets would be easier to kill and to injure than people driving in cars," according to prosecutors.

"The defendant has repeatedly expressed his total lack of remorse, his desire if given the opportunity to repeat the crime; so there is really no basis here for me to believe that somebody who falsely swore allegiance to this country, who swore to defend this country, who took an oath a year ago to defend this country and to be loyal to it, has now announced and by his conduct has evidenced his desire is not to defend the United States or Americans, but to kill them," the judge said.  "Those are all matters — serious matters — I must take into consideration in setting sentence."

After he was sentenced, Mr. Shahzad said his sentence "will only be for the limit God has for me in this world."

"I'm happy with the deal that God has given me," he said. The judge urged Mr. Shahzad to consider whether the Koran wants him to kill people. His response: "The Koran gives you the right to defend.  That's all I'm doing."

As part of their sentencing submission, prosecutors submitted a video of a controlled explosion conducted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of a bomb similar to Mr. Shahzad's in order to measure its explosive effects.

In the video, a Nissan Pathfinder is parked in a field, surrounded by four automobiles, two mailboxes, several newspaper boxes and figures representing people.  The fiery explosion violently flips over two automobiles and leaves a wake of destruction in the area. Mr. Shahzad believed the explosion would have killed at least 40 people, prosecutors said.

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We should respect their culture and tradition.

I would like the CIA to start a suicide bomber program for seniors, especially ones riding those Scooters on TV. Any rally against cartoons, any mosque that so much as criticized our holy nation, any government meeting where there is the slightest doubt of loyalty to our policies, send in the granny on the Scooter. To deter.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Oct 5, 2010 4:18:07 PM

SC --

I was going to go into a lecture about their "culture and tradition," but I shelved it in favor of giving you my thanks for being the first on I've seen in public to to after those blasted scooter commercials.

You're marching to a different drummer, IMHO, but every now and again you are totally priceless.

Posted by: Bill Otis | Oct 5, 2010 5:17:05 PM

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