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November 19, 2010

Senator Dorgan pushing AG Holder to push states on AWA sex offender tracking

As detailed in this news piece, which is headlined "Senator to push states to comply with sex offenders law," at least one member of the Senate is not happy that the Justice Department keeps giving states more time to comply with the sex offender registration provisions of the Adam Walsh Act.  Here are the details:

A senator who sponsored a key provision in the Adam Walsh Act mandating better tracking of convicted sex offenders wants the Department of Justice to stop allowing states to ignore a key provision of the law.

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., said Thursday he would ask the Justice department to stop giving extensions to the 46 states that have failed to come into compliance with the landmark 2006 law.  The first deadline for the states was in July 2009.  The deadline has since been extended twice.

Dorgan said that, without extensions, the states risk losing tens of millions of dollars if they don't update their tracking systems — and in some cases pass state laws — by the current July 2011 deadline.

Because states keep their own sex offender databases, their records often don't sync well with files from other jurisdictions. A driving idea behind the Adam Walsh legislation was that uniform definitions and bookkeeping standards would help form a more seamless national tracking system, helping make sure convicted sex offenders don't slip through the cracks....

Dorgan's action comes less than two weeks after a Scripps Howard News Service investigation found that the location of 100,000 convicted sex offenders is unknown to authorities. In all, more than 700,000 offenders have been convicted of a sex crime in the United States — a number that has grown by 100,000 since 2006, according to records from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

At issue is the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, which is part of the Adam Walsh law.  The registration provision requires a three-tiered offender classification system and the listing of offenders for between 15 years and life, depending on the severity of the crime.

Only four states — Delaware, Florida, Ohio and South Dakota — have the upgraded systems in place, though some other states are close to being onboard....  Under the Adam Walsh law, states that don't update their sex offender tracking may lose 10 percent of their share of funds from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant program, the primary federal source of funds for state and local criminal justice programs.

Previous deadlines to enact the tighter sex offender rules came and went without the Justice department withholding the grant money.  "It's now time to say to the rest of them, 'Look, you've had time to comply if you've decided not to comply, here's the penalty — you're going to lose a portion of your Byrne Grant funding'" Dorgan said.

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Personally i wish someone would PUSH this nazi wannabe senator AND the AG over a high clif!

Posted by: rodsmith | Nov 19, 2010 5:21:17 PM

They are going to find many states will be willing to be non-compliant since the costs of implementing the act is more than the 10% police funding they would lose.

Posted by: tbucket | Nov 19, 2010 11:52:38 PM

Rodsmith you are 100% correct...I personally believe the same thing, I just wish the United States Supreme Court would have the guts to take up the whole issue of the Adam Walsh Act once and for all.....this Act not only deprives a segment of society there basic human rights it also stumps all over the Constitution in my opinion. This country is slowly becoming what Nazi Germany was in the early 40's.....
Anyone who doesn't believe that should do a little research as to how Germany did the same thing to gays under the pretences of protecting there children and then took it further to include the Jews.

Posted by: greg55 | Nov 20, 2010 3:20:07 AM

That's it, greg55, Byron Dorgan is the embryonic Hitler.

Next time I take note of the off-the-wall, left wing fruitcake arguments that show up on this blog, I trust the complaining liberals will remember this thread before yelping that I'm making it up.

Posted by: Bill Otis | Nov 20, 2010 3:27:52 PM

sorry bill but the only one off the wall as you call it is YOU!

or have you forgotten or did you never learn that little saying!

"Those who refuese to LEARN from HISTORY are DOOMED to REPEAT IT!"

Well guess what we are on a runaway train heading for the WRECK at the turn just like Nazi Germany, Russia, China, and any number of south american and African countrys.

Posted by: rodsmith | Nov 20, 2010 4:03:50 PM

rodsmith, you are absolutely correct! We are turning into a Nazi run government. And, our Constitution and Bill of Rights are at risk.

If people can't see that the Registered Sex Offenders are a test case to see how society will respond to taking a citizens rights away....If they can get away with it with a class of citizen who people look down upon, THEN they will go to the next step and try it with another group. Eventually everyone will be singled out except the elite.

America better wake up!!!!

Posted by: Book38 | Nov 20, 2010 10:40:35 PM

lol book38 they alrady have! it's called the "enchanced pat-down" and "full body stip search scanners" being used by the TSA. When rent a cops can feel your privates...and YOUR CHILDRENS and you have no way in the matter...or if you don't want to allow that then you have to permit the ILLEGAL STRIP SEARCH via a machine that then stores the immages...

YOU ARE THERE! Welcome to Nazi America!

Posted by: rodsmith | Nov 22, 2010 1:48:47 AM

Bill if you are offended by the opinions of people over outrageous situations because of knee jerk reactions, perhaps you should not read comments here any more. Could be raising your blood pressure.

Posted by: tbucket | Nov 23, 2010 12:28:31 PM

Bill I never said Byron Dorgan was a embryonic Hitler....what he is, is so far out of touch with reality and a Hypocrite on top of that. He took a oath of office to up hold the Constitution of the United States of America and you mean to tell us these feel good laws that do nothing but stomp on the constitution are doing any good.
And if you ask me this guy and so many other politicians do nothing but fuel the fires and keep people riled up on these sex offender issues and the reason behind it is simple....they realize people vote based on emotion...not on the merits of the persons performance in office and as long as the dreaded sex offender can make the head lines and votes can be won...there will be Byron Dorgans
You know you really should study history Bill you will see that exactly what I stated in my earlier comment pertaining to Nazi Germany...and how they segregated members of society the same way these laws do...and it was the homosexual segment that they first did it to and then they turned to the Jews. And Hitler even stated "that as long as we do this in the name of protecting our children people will not protest our actions"....and then sit back and compared whats going on here in America now to what was being done then...you maybe surprised sir

Posted by: greg55 | Nov 24, 2010 2:14:29 AM

greg55 --

"I never said Byron Dorgan was a embryonic Hitler."

You most certainly did, and then to make sure, you did it again.

P.S. Your view that people vote on the "sex offender issue" is wildly incorrect. All the polling before and after the last election showed that people voted on virtually everything and anything else. The CNN poll a month ago had these figures:

The economy

The federal budget deficit


Health care

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Illegal immigration


Energy and environmental policies

Other (vol.)

This sex offender stuff gets attention here only because this site is visited by persons advocating for sex offenders or, occasionally, sex offenders themselves. The public at large is not preoccupied about it; indeed it doesn't even make the radar screen.

Posted by: Bill Otis | Nov 24, 2010 9:59:06 AM

tbucket --

"Bill if you are offended by the opinions of people over outrageous situations because of knee jerk reactions, perhaps you should not read comments here any more. Could be raising your blood pressure."

I do not take note of the America-slandering, leftwing fruitcake opinions on this site because they offend me. I take note of them because they exist, and in some numbers, despite the occasional denial by some of my opponents here. These folks claim that I am tilting at non-existent windmills, or that no one is saying that America stinks or is on the way to becoming a Nazi police state.


P.S. I have the blood pressure of a 17 year-old. Unfortunately, that's the ONLY part of me that resembles a 17 year-old.

Posted by: Bill Otis | Nov 24, 2010 10:09:37 AM

Bill the thing i find most interesting is you don't deny that Nazi Germany started out the same way we are heading now....if you don't believe me go and google famous quotes of Adolf Hitler there are very many accounts available that you can read and see how everything that's taking place today in the U.S. government were played out in Germany in the 40's...even the fact that Hitler use the same rational the U.S. Government uses today..FOR THE SAFTEY OF OUR CHILDREN..
The greatest military generals are experts on history why do you think they are experts on that? You learn from your mistakes or mistakes of others so history don't repeat it's self and if you would take the time to research this a little (15 min. is all you will need) you will see what I am saying...once the government can effectively segregate one a group of society in this manner it's only a matter of time till they do it again...and who will be the Target
I would think you as a American would be more concerned with where these politicians are taking this country and what effect its going to have on our grandchildren and there children....
You know I live between 2 countries the U.S. and in a Asian country and I can say with complete honesty I have more freedoms in the country I am in now then I have in my homeland the good old U.S.A. OUR FREEDOMS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY AND WHAT EASIER WAY TO DO IT THEN USE THE DREADED SEX OFFENDER AS THE TEST CASE....
Bill I fought and shed my blood for the U.S. and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that this country could get so far off track on what our founding fathers belief were about and the GREAT CONSTITUTION they wrote...we have but a skeleton left of what the original Constitution was.....
Sorry if I upset you Bill but I call it like I see it and if my beliefs and love for this country bothers you to bad...everyone in America is free, everyone is to be treated equal....you don't single out one segment of society like this law does....maybe in Nazi Germany but not in America...and if Dorgan is to blind to see that maybe he should go back to school and study up on the Constitution and what a oath of office is all about and not just him but every other politician that stumps on the Constitution. And they can check out and see how they are going down the same path Hitler did

Posted by: greg55 | Nov 24, 2010 3:55:11 PM

@ greg55

SCOTUS is a right-wing political arm of the Executive Branch. Right-wing crazy, Judge Alito, was seen about a week ago at a fundraising event for the right-wing magazine, American Spectator. When asked if it was appropriate, Alito replied "It's not important that I'm here." Which is probably what he is thinking when he is on the bench.

Posted by: Huh? | Nov 26, 2010 11:00:37 PM

Didn't Sen. Byron Dorgan retire anyway? He won't be back in 2011, why the flippity-flap would he care what the DOJ or the 46 states that have failed to come into compliance do?

Posted by: Huh? | Nov 26, 2010 11:07:42 PM

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is a joke. Unfortunately I am part of the "Left Behind Parents" club. My daughter was abducted 2-years ago. With the NCMEC it's been one lie after another followed up by cover up after cover up. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS AGENCY IF YOU HAVE ANY HOPE OF FINDING YOUR KIDS! My daughter's story can be read here: http://greatnonprofits.org/users/reviews/58371. Over 90% of their funding comes from us, the US taxpayers, and they are accountable to no one...even Ernie Allen and his $1.4 million annual income is accountable to no one. There are better ways to bring our lost kids home. Reach out to me if you need help.

Posted by: SavingSamantha | Nov 28, 2010 7:17:33 PM

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