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March 12, 2011

"Survivor" winner and tax cheat loser ordered back to federal prison

As detailed in this local article, "Reality-TV star Richard Hatch ordered back to jail for nine months," a high-profile tax criminal is headed back to federal prison.  Here are the specifics:

It’s the sequel reality-TV star Richard Hatch didn’t want to be in: federal prison.  On Friday, the convicted tax evader and Newport resident was ordered back to jail for nine months for not amending federal tax returns or paying money owed to the Internal Revenue Service, conditions of his supervised release.

Hatch, standing before Judge William E. Smith, said that he continues to cooperate with the IRS in resolving his tax problems, which he said were not “as simple” as they might seem.  Any violation of his probation, he said, was due to “technical deficiencies” and another prison sentence would not only be “unduly severe” but prevent him from earning money to pay the IRS....

But the judge was not persuaded by the argument that Hatch should be allowed to work to help repay the IRS.  He slapped Hatch with the high end of sentencing guidelines, which called for a prison sentence of three to nine months.  And he ordered that Hatch remain under supervision for 26 months following his release, during which time 25 percent of his wages will be garnished to pay the IRS back taxes.

“This isn’t a complicated matter as much as you tried to complicate it,” the judge said. “As far as I can tell, you’ve made no effort to put any money into the government’s coffers.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Reich had requested a sentence of six months. He noted that Hatch has repeatedly criticized prosecutors and judges and blamed his conviction on discrimination because he is openly gay.  “We’ve been hearing this same story for years,” said Reich, who called Hatch “totally untruthful” and railed against his “total lack of remorse and total lack of acceptance of responsibility for his conduct.”

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