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April 19, 2011

New meta-study of death penalty in North Carolina urging abolition

As detailed in this local new article, which is headlined "Death penalty ineffective, too expensive, new study says," a new study is urging death penalty repeal in the Tar Heel State.  Here are the basics:

North Carolina should repeal the death penalty because it is expensive, ineffective and racially biased, an Appalachian State University professor says in a new study.  The study was done by Matthew Robinson, a professor of government and justice studies.  Robinson analyzed data from more than 20 studies on the death penalty and released his findings Monday at a news conference in Raleigh.

"In the past six years, three states have abolished the death penalty: Illinois, New Mexico and New Jersey," Robinson said in an interview after the news conference.  "They did it for the same reason.  They found racial bias, they found it to be costly, they found it to be ineffective and a threat to innocent people."

Robinson said the studies he looked at were remarkably consistent in their conclusions — that the death penalty doesn't deter crime, is racially biased and has led to people being wrongfully convicted.

Robinson's study comes two weeks after Republicans filed a bill in the state House that would effectively nullify the Racial Justice Act that was signed into law in 2009.  The law allows a death row inmate or a defendant facing the death penalty to use statistics and other evidence to prove that racial bias was a "significant factor" in his sentence or in prosecutors' decision to pursue the death penalty.  The only remedy under the law is for a defendant's sentence to be reduced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

The full study by Matthew Robinson, which is titled "The Death Penalty in  North Carolina: A Summary of the Data and Scientific Studies," runs 50+ pages and is available at this link.

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Repetitive rebuttal to repetitive abolitionist propaganda, misleading and hypocritical.

1) Can't complain about cost if one has caused the cost to go up by picayune legal gotchas.

2) Rate of false positives (conviction of innocent party, even by confession) is too high, but so is the slaughter of innocent people without a hearing by cigarettes, alcohol, transportation of any kind, including walking.

3) LWOP is a license to kill with absolute immunity, better then the license to kill of James Bond. Don't look at the overall murder rate after abolition, wrong statistic. Look at the in-prison rate of murder. It far exceeds the number of executions. That blood is on the hands of the abolitionist. Prisoners, guards, visitors are being slaughtered with impunity.

4) Dose-response curve. Take a miraculous remedy, penicillin for bacterial pneumonia. Before pen, 95% died, after, 95% lived. Miracle. Now give penicillin at 1/100th the correct dose. Give it to only 1 in 100 pneumonia patient. When you give it, give it to 20% who do not have pneumonia. Start it 7 years after the start of pneumonia. Price it at $million a course of treatment. How does penicillin look now in bacterial pneumonia?

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Apr 19, 2011 12:04:59 PM

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