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June 1, 2011

Still more notable commentary about Plata and its prisoner release order

Not surprisingly, the Supreme Court's major California prison ruling in Plata last week (basics here) continues to generate a lot of important and interesting commentary in the MSM and in new media.  Here is a round-up of some newer pieces that have caught my eye:

In addition, though not technically focused on Plata, Sasha Volokh is starting to blog at The Volokh Conspiracy about his interested new article about creating prison vouchers that would provide defendants with a kind of prison choice akin to what school vouchers provide as a form of school choice for parents. His first two posts on this interesting (and crazy?) idea are here and here.

I am very pleased to see the Plata decision (and its dissents) getting lots of early attention from the media.  I hope that academics will give all the opinions sustained attention in forthcoming law reviews, because the case raises far too many important and dynamic stories about courts and prisons to be effectively covered in short forms.

Prior posts on the Plata ruling:

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