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October 22, 2011

New Huff Post pieces on presidential pot policy and politics

The Huffington Post has run these two notable recent piece on presidential policy and politics concerning marijuana.  Here are links and the leads of these pieces:

"Obama Must Explain His Broken Promise on Medical Marijuana, and Soon"

This week's news that support for the legalization of marijuana has reached a record high of 50% ought to bother Obama's re-election team a little bit.  No, not because pot's more popular than the president, although that really says a lot.  The problem, rather, is that Obama's heavily publicized and widely praised promise to respect state medical marijuana laws has recently been shattered into more pieces than the campaign can count.

In only a few short months, the Obama administration has presided over a vicious series of political assaults on medical marijuana patients and providers across the nation, carried out by numerous federal agencies.  The situation just continues to get more ugly and insane from one week to the next.

"What Republican Presidential Candidates Say About Legalizing Marijuana"

Fifty percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana, according to a recently released Gallup poll. That number, up from just 36 percent in 2006, marks a record high and could have significant implications for candidates on the campaign trail, advocates say.

Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson has already come out in favor of legalizing marijuana, announcing on Wednesday that he would even consider issuing a full presidential pardon for anyone serving a prison sentence for a nonviolent marijuana crime.  Such pardons are part of what he envisions as a broader "rational drug policy."

"Pot smokers may be the largest untapped voting bloc in the country," he said in an interview with Outside Magazine.  "A hundred million Americans have smoked marijuana. You think they want to be considered criminals?"

Though Johnson has been excluded from recent GOP debates and polls show he garners less than 1 percent of the national vote, recent surveys suggest that, if current trends persist, legalization of marijuana could indeed become a hot-button topic by election 2016.

As regular readers know, I am eager to see legalization of marijuana becoming a hot-button topic in election 2012.  I am very pleased to hear that candidate Gary Johnson is going bold on this issue, and a quick stop at this page on his official website suggests he is willing to go bold on this issue.  I may have to start doing a series of posts on Johnson's policy prescriptions because they deserve a lot more media attention than they have been getting so far.

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