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November 11, 2011

"Blind Goddess": a new reader on race and criminal justice

Via an e-mail for the folks at The Sentencing Project, I have learned of this new book on note titled "Blind Goddess: A Reader on Race and Justice." The book has edited selections from a broad range of scholars and advocates discussing racial dynamics intersect with the criminal justice system.  Here is a summary of the work from the publisher's website:

Blind Goddess brings together the most significant writings of practitioners, professors, and advocates to make sense of what is perhaps the nation’s most astonishing and shameful achievement: the highest per-capita incarceration rate anywhere in the world compounded by the shockingly disproportionate imprisonment of poor people of color. Although there is growing awareness of the huge fiscal cost of mass incarceration, the moral, human, and social devastation of racially skewed law enforcement remains largely unrecognized.

Featuring many of today’s premier legal scholars, experts, and writers—among them David Cole, Glenn C. Loury, Bob Herbert, and Lani Guinier—here is a boundary-pushing book that elucidates the impact of race on each stage of the criminal process. From policing and prosecuting to jury selection, sentencing, prison conditions, and reentering society, Blind Goddess is an essential volume for the general reader and an ideal reality check for students of criminal law. With selections from critically acclaimed contemporary works including Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, Paul Butler’s Let’s Get Free, Amy Bach’s Ordinary Injustice, and Robert Perkinson’s Texas Tough, Blind Goddess provides easy access to a wealth of cutting-edge analyses and concrete solutions.

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All these left wing ipse dixits garbage, self-serving, lawyer utterances devalue the suffering of the black victim. Prof. Berman still cannot utter the V word. No lawyer can, without a rescue standing by. The black gangbangers they seek to liberate must be moved into halfway houses, next door to their residences, not to their offices. Kelo could be used to expropriate their neighbors' homes on all sides. Zoning variances are not needed to house 8 unrelated criminals in a home. No. These black gangbangers, valuable commodities to the lawyer, will be returning to toxify black neighborhoods.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Nov 12, 2011 10:16:40 AM

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