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December 1, 2011

"Pope seeks end to death penalty"

The title of this post is the headline of this AP story, which gets started this way:

Pope Benedict XVI voiced support Wednesday for political actions around the world aimed at eliminating the death penalty, reflecting his stance as an opponent of capital punishment.

He made the comments during his weekly public audience to participants at a meeting being promoted by the Catholic Sant'Egidio Community on the theme "No Justice without Life."  He said he hopes "your deliberations will encourage the political and legislative initiatives being promoted in a growing number of countries to eliminate the death penalty."

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Mr. Ratzinger & followers,

3 from the Old Testament:
(1) "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man."--- Genesis 9:6

(2) "And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death."--- Leviticus 24:17

(3) "Moreover ye shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which is guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death."---Number 35:31

3 from the New Testament:
(1)The "thief on the cross" was forgiven & promised eternal life by Jesus but still executed, with no objection from those present. cf. Lk23, Mk16.

(2) Jesus indicated that the just punishment for murder is execution in Luke 19 & 20, & Matt 26.

(3) Paul: "For if I be an offender, or have committed any thing worthy of death, I refuse not to die". Acts 25:11

There are so many more. Compelling only to the open-minded.

Posted by: Adamakis | Dec 2, 2011 11:18:09 AM

I don't have the "cites" handy, but the Bible also says: "turn the other cheek;" "whatsoever you do unto the least of my brothers, that you do unto me," etc.. You can find support in the Bible for any position you want to take re the death penalty.

Posted by: church lady | Dec 2, 2011 2:00:15 PM

"You can find support in the Bible for any position you want to take re the death penalty."

Then it can scarcely be said that the Bible demands abolition of the DP.

Posted by: Bill Otis | Dec 2, 2011 11:35:52 PM

The point is not whether the Bible legitimizes use of the death penalty, but whether, over the course of time and civilization, that penalty is any longer justified. The answer from the Pope, most other Christian religious leaders, the legislatures and political leaders of most Western nations, and many others besides, including within the US, is emphatically that it is not.

Posted by: peter | Dec 3, 2011 9:02:45 AM

The fact you can find "support" for one or the other position in the Bible doesn't mean a reasonable interpretation of the Bible (to the degree you feel it is authoritative) doesn't "demand" the following of one side when the whole Bible is taken as a whole. This requires more than quoting a few verses.

Posted by: Joe | Dec 3, 2011 10:09:30 AM

"Then it can scarcely be said that the Bible demands abolition of the DP."

And I of course never said that it did. I for one don't think the Bible - or any other religious tract - has anything to do with whether the DP should be abolished in America, where - at least theoretically - we have separation of church and state.

Posted by: church lady | Dec 3, 2011 1:56:37 PM

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