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April 5, 2012

"NY Moves to Ban Sex Offenders from Video Game Websites"

WaluigiThe title of this post is the headline of this news story, which includes this report on the latest effort to keep sex offenders from using the internet to have certain kinds of fun:

Registered sex offenders in New York state are being shut out of online gaming systems that have allowed them to interact with children anonymously under an agreement announced Thursday by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The deal applies only to sex offenders within state borders — boundaries that may not hold much weight in virtual gaming worlds where players young and old mix anonymously, conversing by voice and written message. "Online gaming is not just a digital playground. It has the potential to be a 21st century crime scene," Schneiderman said, citing a 2008 Pew Research Center study that found that 27 percent of teenagers acknowledge playing games online with strangers. Many games require players to interact virtually with others.

The deal may be the first of its kind to focus on online gaming; Schneiderman said he was aware of no other. Such precautions are frequently taken on more traditional social networking sites such as Facebook.

The agreement — dubbed "Operation: Game Over" by Schneiderman's office — has led companies including Microsoft and Apple to shut down or suspend communication privileges for more than 3,500 accounts. The attorney general declined to identify companies that have thus far declined to participate.

Schneiderman said his office was exploring ways in which the program could be expanded to other states. In New York, registered sex offenders are required to disclose all their email addresses and online accounts, allowing gaming companies to perform a weekly purge of player accounts associated with the offenders.

Earlier this month, Schneiderman said, a 19-year-old man pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges after befriending a 10-year-old through Microsoft's Xbox LIVE and luring the boy to his home.

The companies that have agreed to participate in the program are Microsoft, Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. and Disney Interactive Media Group.

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Does it make any difference that the predator was not a registered sex offender?

Guess not.


Posted by: Winston Smith | Apr 6, 2012 1:57:30 AM

Of course, NY was also the source of a study finding that 95% of those arrested for sex crimes had no criminal history of sexual offending (were NOT on the registry). Policies like this are "feel good" nonsense -- the guys and gals on the registry are not who you should be worried about and there's no reason to prevent them from participating in online gaming.

Posted by: LRK | Apr 6, 2012 9:54:01 AM

how sad, just more idiocy

Posted by: Tom Danson | Apr 6, 2012 12:23:52 PM

The Parents have responsibilities...also... Parent child education where this needs to start at home.....It’s a false security....How many none convicted sex offenders are on social networks and just as or more dangerous . These are ones you need to worry to about. They just have not been convicted yet. Okay NYS has a law requiring sex offenders to register email, screen names, etc. Just think about it. How easy it is get new email address (no verification of ID). It’s an honor system at best. Sex offenders are wrong trust me. We need to educate our children social networks are dangerous. Myself as a parents limits the friends list on xbox and who they connect with.. Educate the kids. We as parents cannot see social networks safe. They are not. We cannot leave to BIG Brother to watch out for our kids. Educate your kids, see and listen to what they are doing online. Open your eyes.

Posted by: Bob jones | Apr 6, 2012 2:27:23 PM

all we need now is a new headline

"Wanna be Nazi retard politician found dead when Empty Head Compresed to Nothing"


Posted by: rodsmith | Apr 7, 2012 1:01:00 AM

People who cannot get enough big government and trying to control other people literally make me sick. The people behind these laws are disgusting pukes. We need to send them to live in a country where they would fit in better with their kind.

These people are constantly trying to attack other people and negatively affect their lives. They do it all under the lies of “morality” and “authority” and under the threat of stealing from their targets (including their freedom). They are terrorists. It is one thing to be on forums like this and complain about these scumbags, but I surely hope ALL the people who do so are actually harming these people in real life.

There is no reason to let these people live in peace. They should be attacked by any means that is legal. I encourage you to, at least once per day, do something to harm some of these people. But don’t attack them on the basis of the SEX OFFENDER Witch Hunt. Only real Americans care about that and there are very few of those people around these days.

No, attack them on any other basis other than the Witch Hunt. Find out who their enemies are and help them. Find out where their business interests are and attack those. If a person owns a business, you can pretty often poke around and find out some areas where you can use the very big governments that they love to cause them trouble. If a person works for some business, by all means, contact that business and let them know about their employee. You don’t have to identify yourself. And again, I would never mention the Witch Hunt.

Lastly, don’t forget, if you are listed on a glorious Registry, the terrorists are not just attacking you. They are attacking your spouses and your children. So, return the favor. When I find out that people don’t want me around or want to bother me, I have become very good at poisoning the entire environment and making it very unpleasant and inhospitable to everyone - so I do that. That is what should be done because after all, that is what the Registries are really for and what they are really about.

Posted by: FRegistryTerrorists | Apr 11, 2012 10:24:51 AM

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