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November 15, 2012

2013 Law & Society Association CrimProf Shadow Conference

L&sIt is my pleasure to promote the efforts of Professors Carissa Byrne Hessick and Dan Markel to give criminal law professors an extra special reason to participate the Law and Society Annual Conference. Here is the pitch via Professor Hessick:

The LSA conference will be taking place from May 30 to June 2 at the Boston Sheridan in Boston, MA. Some background and the call for participation can be found here.

For the last few years, criminal law and criminal procedure professors have used the LSA conference to host a shadow conferences on criminal justice topics. This year Dan Markel (Florida State) and I will once again organize both paper panels and book panels with a criminal justice theme.

The paper panels will cover a range of subjects. Those panels are designed to match up people working in similar areas. Past panels have covered topics such as substantive criminal law, investigative criminal procedure; adjudicative criminal procedure; punishment theory; race, class, and gender themes in criminal justice; white collar issues; privacy and criminal law; juvenile justice, and sex crimes. We will do our best to match you up with other people working in relatively similar areas so that there are more synergies among panelists than would likely result if you were to submit a paper proposal directly to the LSA people. In addition, by participating in a paper panel, you'll receive the feedback of other panelists (we ask all paper presenters to circulate their drafts in advance to the other panelists with the understanding that all panelists give each other feedback). This is a great way to have more in-depth connections with scholars working in your area.

In addition to paper panels, we are also open to organizing a sessions on book manuscripts. If you are working on a book manuscript and would like to have a few people give you feedback in advance of publication, let us know, and let us know who you might be interested in reading that manuscript and discussing it at LSA. If you are interested in an author-meets readers panel for an already published book, let us know about that too.

We would also like to identify people who are interested in serving as moderators or discussants for our various panels. So if you plan to attend the conference and you are not necessarily interested in presenting your own work, please consider contacting us to volunteer to serve as a moderator or discussant.

In sum, if you're interested in participating in this shadow conference, there will be a variety of opportunities for you to present your own work or serve as a discussant or moderator of book or paper panels. Please note LSA has a stringent participation policy. Generally you are limited to only ONE participation as a paper presenter OR a roundtable participant for the entire conference. If you plan on being involved with the shadow conference, you must let us know if you are contemplating any other participation with the LSA conference so we can make sure you will not jeopardize our panel formation efforts. We will assume that, unless you tell us otherwise, you are using your "one substantive participation" with us. But if you are slated for something else, but still want to be a moderator or discussant, let us know, as we might be able to work that out with the LSA folks.

If you would like to participate in the Shadow Conference in Boston: By November 19th, please send an email to me and Dan with the subject line “LSA 2013 CrimProf Shadow Conference.” That email should include: (a) an expression of interest; (b) an indication of whether you would like to participate in a book or paper panel; (c) a description of your topic (an abstract would be preferable); (d) whether you are also available to serve as a moderator or discussant; (e) any limitations on the dates of your availability during the LSA; (f) if necessary, a heads up if you are contemplating participation on another LSA panel.

Shortly after November 19, we will get back to you all with a list of folks who will be your co-panelists. You'll have to each register with LSA but we will assign a panel organizer who will oversee the logistics and ensure things go smoothly. In other words, Dan and I basically serve as matchmakers for the panels, and we also do some interfacing with LSA's Judy Rose to make sure the panels will not conflict with each other.

Please do not sign up to participate in the shadow conference unless you will definitely attend the LSA conference. (The LSA folks get kind of annoyed with us if our participants drop out. And each time a panelist drops out, it raises the possibility that LSA will force us to cancel the panel.)

Feel free to contact me and Dan with any questions.

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I would love to participate. However, no lawyer event will allow the self-evident to be pointed to. There are 20 million Index felonies and 2 million prosecutions. The majority are a waste of time. Many may be false prosecutions. About 95% of cases result in a fictitious plea agreement and fictitious adjudicated charges.

However, I have never been able to understand anything Prof. Markel has said. He speaks Harvard or some other strange, impenetrable dialect of English. From the little I have gathered, he advocates wildly irresponsible and lawless, Biblically based concepts in the criminal law, yet runs his personal life in the most conservative and common sensical traditions. He wants to impose a wild left wing agenda on the public, but not on himself.

However, no lawyer event will allow pointing out that the lawyer is the cause of most crime. The larger the lawyer to population ratio, the higher the crime rate. This is true across nations, and over time in the same nation. For example, the number of lawyers in China has exploded, and coincidentally, so has the crime rate. The lawyer has destroyed the family, and bastardy is the major correlate of criminality in the US. He in the process of destroying religious institutions, and school discipline, and those are far more effective at preventing crime than the criminal law. Why? They compete with the wholly owned subsidiary of the lawyer profession, the government.

Nevertheless, I wish all participants well, and a thought provoking event.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Nov 16, 2012 7:12:28 AM

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