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January 4, 2013

On my way to NOLA for annual AALS shindig to talk about pot policy

Blogging may be light today and through the weekend in part because I am now in transit to the Big Easy to attend and speak at the annual law profs big meeting.  This year's AALS program looks quite interesting, and I am honored to be participating tomorrow morning on a "hot topics" panel concerning marijuana reforms titled "What Happens When “Legalize It” Moves From Slogan to State Law?"

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I would like to survey the attendees on the following yes-no questions.

1) Do you disclose to students they will be undergoing cult indoctrination in 1L, and get their informed consents? They will come to believe and employ supernatural central legal doctrines plagiarized, with little modification from a catechism. I have no criticism of the Church because it attributed these functions to God, as a matter of faith. Unfortunately, the law is very much an empirical, somatic practice of procedures on the body, without exception. So even a fine removes the value of labor performed by human bodies.

2) Do you disclose that all self-stated goals of all law subjects are in failure? That other practices are far superior, despite being undermined by the lawyer profession in utter failure. So if contracts are to make keep promises they do not want to, EBay has a 97% success, down to items worth a penny. Contract law is totally useless for any matter under $million because of the legal costs and the weak response of the courts to breaches. In the case of crime, the law lets 90% of serious crimes go unanswered, and is a very weak factor in any decision to commit ac rime. Religion, families can virtually eliminate crime from the community. Tort litigation has never in all of history made anyone safer. Nor even compensated a victim of carelessness adequately. It sure has enriched the lawyer profession at the expense of the destruction of major segments of the economy.

3) Did you ever hear of the rent seeking theory?

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 5, 2013 1:20:48 AM

Have a safe trip.

Posted by: rodsmith | Jan 6, 2013 1:36:58 PM

Yes. Please, do not accidentally stray even one street from the tourist spots. We need Prof. Berman alive. Highest murder rate in the country. If the fatherless bastards populating the city do not get the visitor, their ultra-high lead levels will, because that is the best explanation for crime rates variation, no? New Orleans should get a DOJ waiver to smoke more dope legally, to calm down that hair trigger murder machine they have going.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 6, 2013 3:34:28 PM

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