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February 11, 2013

Disparate stories price out (some) costs of poorly functioning state criminal justice systems

How Appealing had links this morning to these two notable criminal justice stories that, on the surface, seem disparate in their settings and messages:

"Tab for wrongful convictions in Texas: $65 million and counting; State the most generous in compensating exonerees; legislators ponder changes to safeguard against future false convictions." Mike Ward has this article today in The Austin American-Statesman.

"AP Exclusive: Inmate lawsuits cost Calif. $200M." The Associated Press has a report that begins, "Gov. Jerry Brown has begun aggressively challenging federal court oversight of California's prison system by highlighting what he says is a costly conflict of interest: The private law firms representing inmates and the judges' own hand-picked authorities benefit financially by keeping the cases alive."

Much can and should be said about both of these interesting reports, but the title of this post is meant to highlight one commonality: for lots of different reasons and in lots of different ways, it can often become quite costly, even when measured just in pure economic terms, whenever any aspect of a state criminal justice system is run poorly. 

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The Supremacy has concluded that tort liability deters the entire enterprise, and not just the defendant, shrinking it, and making it disappear, often. Tort immunity grows the enterprise. Examples of before and fater include the KKK, twice, railroads in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Now: the internet, the lawyer profession, government, immune and exploding in growth. Health care is nearly immune. Obstetrics specialty, very liable, and nearly disappeared. All of manufacturing, liable and nearly gone.

Tort liability is, of course, a phony lawyer scam. It has never ever improved public safety. It is a method of plundering the productive male.

OK. But it is the law, despite being an unauthorized, and stealthy method of industrial planning by lawyers who know nothing about nothing, idiots when it comes to the real world. The Supreme Court gets to decide the futures of technical matters without the slightest knowledge or experience. The results are the current economy, entirely the fault of the lawyer.

Take home message. If you want to shrink an enterprise, increase its tort liability, as a stealthy method of planning. To any one who wants to shrink government, you should strongly support increasing its torts exposure. End all lawlessly self-dealt lawyer immunities, such as those of the judge, the prosecutor, and nearly all lawyers (legal malpractice chance of success is smaller than the chance of being struck by a comet).

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Feb 12, 2013 7:36:06 AM

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