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July 4, 2013

Missouri Gov vetoes bill to take juve sex offenders off state registry

As reported in this AP story, headlined "Nixon vetoes sex offender measure," the Governor of Missouri is apparently concerned this holiday week that a bill passed by his state's legislature will provide for too potential much freedom for juvenile sex offenders. Here are the basics:

Gov. Jay Nixon on Wednesday vetoed legislation that he said would remove sex offenders who commit their crimes as juveniles from websites that let the public know who they are, a day after he signed a measure that strengthens laws against sexual offenses.

Nixon said the vetoed measure is too broad. “It would grant this relief to juvenile sex offenders regardless of the sexual offense for which they were convicted to include forcible rape, forcible sodomy and child molestation,” said Nixon, who was state attorney general before becoming governor.

“Moreover, the bill would deprive victims of sex offenses the opportunity to be heard before an offender is removed from the very websites that are designed to protect victims and other members of the public.”...

State lawmakers return to the Capitol in September to decide whether they will try to override any vetoes.

On Tuesday, Nixon signed a criminal justice bill that includes a change to what constitutes rape. It had been defined as having sex with another person by use of “forcible compulsion,” which includes the use of a substance to physically or mentally impair another without his or her knowledge or approval. The new law broadens that to include instances in which someone is incapacitated, is incapable of consent or lacks the capacity to consent.

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Jay Nixon will never be known for higher level thinking. It is sad that he was elected both times because he was the best of two awful choices for governor.

Posted by: athought | Jul 4, 2013 1:18:23 PM

It should never be about the "age", it's about the "crime".
I'd much rather have the adult "first-offense-non-production-child-porn-viewer" be taken off the SO Registry, than the juvenile "repeat-child-molester".
Let's use common sense.

Posted by: kat | Jul 5, 2013 8:34:30 AM

Human rights, schuman rights. Brought to you by the political exigencies of the moment.

Posted by: Guy | Jul 5, 2013 4:34:12 PM

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