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May 14, 2014

Another week with lots of marijuana developments covered at MLP&R

Continuing a recent tradition of a mid-week review of activities on marijuana law and policy fronts, here is a round up of recent notable posts from Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform:

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• | "Must apartment manager let tenant smoke medical marijuana?"|
10 years ago there was a Native American in his 20s smoking pot at sundry times straight across the hall from my apartment, at which I resided first.
As I would not have my young children breathing the billowing smoke which came under our door from only 6-feet away, I called the police once,
and my neighbour below also did at least once. The man rarely emerged day or night, and only grunted when I spoke to him, seriously.

At our call, the officer pounded on his door, spoke to the fool, then said to me that whilst he was aware that it was likely dense marijuana smoke
– he seemed to be playing dumb—the Native wouldn’t allow him access, so he couldn’t do anything about it.
We were relegated to opening windows in winter and stuffing a towel under the door when the smoke invaded.

Fortunately, on what I believe was my first day back from deployment, I saw a bunch of Native men moving furniture out of the Apartment, and the
underachiever was nowhere to be found. One of my neighbours related that the young man was a relative of the tribal Chief, who had been paying the rent
for him to live off the Reservation/Nation, but had ordered him to return for unknown reasons.

Too bad we couldn’t have gotten justice or LE action short of the Chief intervening.

Posted by: Adamakis | May 14, 2014 10:54:45 AM

In the "wisdom" or lack thereof in the CSA, why is the DEA need to establish a "quota" for the amount of marijuana that can be produced to satisfy the requirements of government approved protocols? Can we say "Duh"!

Posted by: albeed | May 14, 2014 8:54:18 PM

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