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July 31, 2014

More potent reviews of criminal justice data via the Washington Post's Wonkblog

WonkIn this post last week, titled " "There’s little evidence that fewer prisoners means more crime," I made much of some recent postings on the Washington Post Wonkblog and suggested that sentencing fans ought to make a habit of checking out Wonkblog regularly.  This set of new posts at that blog reinforce my views and recommendation:

Though all these posts merit a close read, I especially recommend the first one linked above, as it meticulously details all significant problems with all the "science" claims made by the federal government to justify marijuana prohibition. Here is how that piece it gets started:

The New York Times editorial board is making news with a week-long series advocating for the full legalization of marijuana in the United States. In response, the White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) published a blog post Monday purporting to lay out the federal government's case against marijuana reform.

That case, as it turns out, it surprisingly weak. It's built on half-truths and radically decontextualized facts, curated from social science research that is otherwise quite solid. I've gone through the ONDCP's arguments, and the research behind them, below.

The irony here is that with the coming wave of deregulation and legalization, we really do need a sane national discussion of the costs and benefits of widespread marijuana use. But the ONDCP's ideological insistence on prohibition prevents them from taking part in that conversation.

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The Feds are pretty much off the reservation on most things they do. Nobody but nobody wastes money, peoples lives and resources like the Feds.

Most if it stems from the gluttons in power to do nothing but keep up outward appearances to the public, so they can get re elected to their gravy train job.

Federal judges can work until they can no longer crawl up to the chair. Congressmen work ( at least get paychecks) till they are 80 and beyond. They remain in office for 30 plus yrs and refuse to change the ideas that were outdated 20 yrs ago.

Best thing we can do is to vote everyone out of office for about 4 elections cycles.

Then, maybe they listen to the people whos money they have been wasteing.

Its a terrible sin to be highly educated and be a wasted piece of meat...

Posted by: MidwestGuy | Jul 31, 2014 10:43:21 PM

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