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August 2, 2014

"Cougar caged: Public sex nets woman, 68, six months in the slammer"

The title of this post is the irrestistable sentencing headline from this Sun-Sentinel article discussing a recent Florida sentencing.  (This Huffington Post article on the same case went with this headline: "Grandma Will Spend 6 Months In Jail For Public Sex.") Here are the randy details via the HuffPo piece:

A married grandma of 14 faces six months behind bars after she had public sex with a man who was not her husband at a public pavilion in Florida. Peggy Klemm, 68, and her 49-year-old copulation co-conspirator, David Bobilya, were sentenced Wednesday after their romp at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, Click Orlando reports. Apparently, a retirement community there called The Villages, which houses 100,000 people, is known for its wild nights, $3.75 cocktails and public sex.

Klemm likely got arrested because she was on probation for a previous reckless driving charge, the Daily Mail reports. She was slapped with six months in jail when she took a plea deal for the public sex. Klemm and Bobilya were caught with their pants around their ankles having sex against the Bait Shack hut at 10:30 p.m. on June 12.

She stood in front of a judge on Wednesday and mouthed "I love you" to her husband of 50 years, Frank Klemm, who stood beside her despite the philandery. "She is a super woman as far as I'm concerned," he told Click Orlando. "And she deserves a second chance. That's all I have to say."

She apologized through tears as she walked out of court. She'll get credit for time served and has 135 days left to her sentence. Bobilya is also serving a six-month sentence.

UPDATE: I am intrigued and pleased (I think) that a commentor claiming to be this defendant's child has written about the case in the comments and provided this link to a website about the defendant's situation.  Proof yet again that there are multiple sides to every criminal justice story.

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Not the sort of person I think when I think "cougar" usually.

It's pretty off-topic, I guess, but "The Fosters" (a t.v. show) has an interesting subplot that addresses the different views people have when a boy is involved in statutory rape. The subplot involves a calculating woman (as seen by various things she has done; appears to be in her early 30s) who took advantage of her boyfriend's son (16) when he was drunk and needy.

Both of his parents are cops but the mom/dad had somewhat different reactions. To add to the mix, another character on the show was raped by a 19 year old foster sibling a few years before. There was not enough evidence to prosecute & the prosecutor tried (for unclear reasons) to have the girl say she agreed to the sex -- to try to get a statutory rape conviction.

Provided since women being charged with statutory rape has been a theme of various posts on this blog.

Posted by: Joe | Aug 2, 2014 12:40:43 PM

Should a crime cause a harm? If people will pay to see others have sex in porn, isn't that a benefit? At worst, this act was a nuisance. I am having my $3.75 cocktail, and I have to watch people in a bodily function. At worst, this should be a summary offense, such as spitting, or parking across a driveway.

If the sole mature reason for prison is incapacitation, she is taking up the bed of a violent prisoner, generating health costs. And she now has to be replaced caring for her husband who lost a leg to cancer.

The stupidity of the lawyer in this case is an abomination. I am filing complaints against the filthy, vile feminist running dog Judge Skidmore, demanding his removal, and against the idiotic prosecutor, when I learn his name other than John Doe. If the appropriate authorities fail to restrain these out of control dumbasses, I may sue the authorities. To deter.

That being said, I propose that all instances of public display of private organs require a license after age 30, to be renewed every 5 years after a thorough examination.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Aug 2, 2014 5:14:13 PM

We are her family, the ones who know the real Peggy Klemm.

So much that has been written about my Mom is false according to her and the legal and police documentation. All the facts surrounding this case are not known to the public.

This entire case is steeped in injustice and politics; Starting with the person who called the police "the witness"- a convicted sex offender living in The Villages who is known to impersonate the police then force people to have sex in front of him or he threatens to arrest them... To the un-yielding Judge who allowed this same person "convicted sex offender - witness" out on a 5000.00 bail after snatching a 15 year old girl on Sumter Landing a year and a half ago. To the heartless Prosecutor and this resulting plea deal... To the fact that Peggy had to wait over a week and a half to receive medical attention for two gapping holes in her body resulting from a MRSA infection. Horrible.

To meet the real Peggy Klemm please visit our website and read about the woman who has given so much to her family. We stand behind her now just as she stood behind us throughout our lives. This is what family is and she is a wonderful woman, Mom, and wife.

Meet Peggy online at bit.ly//FreePeggy and join the movement to help to heal Peggy, her family, and the community.

Love you Mom!

Posted by: Free Peggy Klemm | Aug 2, 2014 5:47:16 PM

For the first time ever, I am agreeing with Supremacy Clause! Imposing any custodial sentence for public sex strikes me is totally crazy. Plus, I suspect there will be some unpleasant collateral consequences if the defendants have to register as sex offenders, which is often required for surprisingly minor "sex crimes."

I'll also confess this is the first time I've ever heard of straight people being prosecuted for this crime, which is usually used to target gay men. Typically, if a police officer finds two straight teenagers getting it on in public, he tells them to knock it off. If he finds two gay men doing same thing, they will inevitably be arrested.

Posted by: Todd | Aug 2, 2014 6:11:19 PM

Todd: Did you ever agree that the core doctrines of the law should not be supernatural, not be from a church, and not be from 1275 AD? These are mind reading, future forecasting, and standards of conduct set by a fictitious character, called the reasonable person. In this context, reason differs from intellect and is the ability to perceive God.

Did you agree that 20 million FBI Index felonies is too much?

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Aug 3, 2014 1:50:41 PM

On probation for a reckless driving charge? That's why the cops/prosecutors/judge opted to do this sort of profound damage to this woman and her family?

I hope there's a hell. I hope all these self-righteous Javert wannabes burn in it.

Posted by: JohnK | Aug 3, 2014 5:21:44 PM

What a completely pointless use of judicial resources. I saw a case like this several years ago--couple having sex on a bikepath. The prosecutor pleaded it down to a disorderly and gave them a fine and a high five. That's what should have happened here.

Posted by: Res ipsa | Aug 4, 2014 8:41:46 AM

The guy also received six months, so "that's [not] why" alone apparently unless he has some sort of probation charge too. It also makes this story not just about the "cougar" = the guy too is suffering jail time.

Reckless driving, unlike having sex in public, is serious business. Even a sex friendly talk show around here noted you should have sex in public out of view. But, that doesn't justify such a punishment. Sounds ridiculous. Still, if you are on probation, it is pretty stupid, especially if such a high punishment suggests the locale is conservative.

Sorta reckless.

Posted by: Joe | Aug 4, 2014 10:39:38 PM

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