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September 9, 2014

Will and should federal judge Mark Fuller get the same professional treatment as Ray Rice?

The provocative question in the title of this post is a slightly different phrasing of the question in the headline of this provocative AL.com commentary by John Archibald.  That headline is "Superstar Ray Rice cut from team; will 'superstar' judge Mark Fuller get to play on?", and the commentary concludes this way:

Before seeing the actual video evidence, the Baltimore Ravens had apologized for Rice. Then team officials saw the replay.  They saw the lightning left.  They saw Janay Rice quivering on the floor.  They saw, and finally reacted as they had to react, with speed and with revulsion.

With that devastating left hand there was nothing left to the imagination. It didn't matter that Rice had racked up 3½ miles of yardage during his career, that he scored 222 points. It did not matter who he was before he threw that punch.  He was somebody else — wearing the Ravens' colors — after it. They cut him from the team today.

It is no different with any abuser.  It is sure no different with "superstar" federal judge Mark Fuller, who was arrested in Atlanta in August for beating up his wife.  We don't have video of that hotel room, but the police account was vivid enough.

The place reeked of booze and was littered with broken glass —and hair.  Kelli Fuller told the cops she accused her husband of having an affair, and he responded by throwing her to the ground, kicking her and beating her in the face.

Fuller copped a plea in Atlanta, agreeing to terms that will send him to counseling and expunge his record.  Like the whole wife-beating thing never happened at all.

Which is as bad as the NFL handing Rice a two-game suspension in the first place.  Which is worse than the NFL handing Rice a two-game suspension in the first place.

He'll return to the bench a judge for life, deciding the fate of his fellow man as if the law did not apply to him, as if he were above it, as if he were ... a superstar.

But he's still just a 56-year-old punk kid. He ought to quit, but punk kids and abusers don't often quit.  That shouldn't be the end of it.

Because if the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens can make a statement about domestic violence, so can the courts and the United States Government.  Fuller shouldn't get the opportunity to quit.  He needs to be impeached.  We should demand it.  He is, after all, wearing our colors.

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We no longer can give breaks to judges and ausa like this. The public is sick of the federalistic approach that they can and will solve and control our every move.

With no regard for their own actions.

Question. Ever try to phone a federal guy. Did you get thru, actually to the right person.
Its doubtful that you ever will here from the person. Maybe a std form letter that lightly brushes you abd your concerns aside.

Fire these guys and get new meat.. Thats what us done in the private sector and thats what makes America work, inspite if these Federal thug loosers.

Maybe I should really say how I feel.

Posted by: Midwest Guy | Sep 9, 2014 11:08:14 PM

What happened to Ray Rice was a miscarriage of justice, even if all perfectly legal. There's no reason that same miscarriage should be repeated with the federal judge. The irony of it is that we has a social more that it is never OK to hit a woman (which is bullshit), but we have no qualms about killing 400,000+ Iraqis, many who were women and children. But if there is one thing the media is a good at it is tearing a man down they spent years building up.

/for the record, I don't particularly care for football.

Posted by: Daniel | Sep 10, 2014 3:41:46 AM

To all you male feminist running dogs.

We are sending the so called victims of domestic abuse to your house, for safety, support, for the healing to begin.

Let's have a "conversation" after you have had to deal with them for a week.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Sep 10, 2014 6:24:10 AM

The good judge needs to be removed from the bench... You need to have just a little higher conduct than to get drunk in a fancy hitel room and beat on your wife.

The piwer gas gone to his head.. Remove his federal license as well.

Posted by: Midwest Guy | Sep 10, 2014 5:53:03 PM

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