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January 6, 2015

GOP apparently eager to have Eric Holder as AG for at least one more month

The (slightly) tongue-in-cheek title of this post is my reaction to the news reported in "this notable NPR report, titled "Senate Slow To Schedule Hearings For Attorney General Nominee."  In the piece, Carrie Johnson reports that Democrats have been pushing for confirmation hearings ASAP for Attorney General nominee Lorreta Lynch, but new GOP Judiciary Chair Charles Grassley has indicated that these hearings will not take place before the last week in January  at the earliest.

I am very eager for the Lynch hearings because they should provide an important window into what both the GOP-controlled Congress and the Obama Administration are thinking about on federal criminal justice issues for the next two years.  But I suspect the GOP is feeling a bit forced to take a go slow approach on how to best approach (and attack) nominee Lynch and Prez Obama on these fronts, in part because the GOP has real internal divisions on these issues and in part because racial issues and divides are especially salient in criminal justice reform discussions these days.  

So, because AG Eric Holder remains in his position until his successor is confirmed, the GOP Senate is right now functionally extending his term as the nation's top prosecutor and lawyer. 

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Excuse a minor query about a typo: you have "I suspect the GOP is feeling big forced ..." Perhaps you started out with "the GOP is being forced" and "being" got mangled, or did you really intend something like "strongly"?
I always appreciate reading your updates.

Posted by: VC | Jan 6, 2015 6:24:27 PM

Racial divides? Colin Powell, Condi Rice? It's her ideology that people should and are worried about, she just happens to be black. Maybe I'm missing something, have you read anywhere that her race is a concern to anyone except you?

Posted by: Chris | Jan 6, 2015 8:52:42 PM

Has anyone ever tried to do a project in the house? Has anyone ever got a contractor to complete a job, and not run off with the money? If the governor directed projects to his host, but they were completed, the Governor should receive a medal, not a prison term. But we are solidly in the Twilight Zone of the lawyer dumbass, where up is down, and black is white.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 6, 2015 11:01:48 PM

Thanks VC, I meant "a bit" and now have fixed the typo.

Meanwhile, Chris, have you not been watching the news with racialized debates and protests over police use of force? I am not saying that the GOP is concerned about Lynch's race, but I am saying the GOP would be wise to be concerned about perceptions if (when?) the white GOP men on the Senate Judiciary Committee attack in forceful ways right now the African-American nominee of our African-American Prez.

More generally, Chris, what do you think is nominee Lynch's "ideology" that should worry us?

Posted by: Doug B. | Jan 7, 2015 8:46:54 AM

If her ideology is one that will allow a known felon to purchase firearms, allow them to be transported across our border and after the firearms are used to kill people and the response is to keep the Americans in the dark by blocking data from being released and denying any knowledge. The only reason the FFL isn't in prison was he was smart enough to record his conversation with the local ATF official.

How about calling the assassination of US service members by a person who shouted "god is great" work place violence?

Sees no reason to investigate people in the IRS who supposedly abused the power of that office?

If she cant look past race when doing the job then she is no better than Holder who cant seem to get passed that fact that his race issues are not mine.

Or do you think any or all of the above is something we should look past as the one person who should be supporting the lady with the blindfold on?

I think its more important to know if she can do the job, than what it looks like to someone who only looks at race as deciding factor. The media can change people prospective, but right now race sells papers, or fish wrapping.

I served with plenty of other Americans in the US Armed Forces and I don't remember race coming up except the first day when a drill instructor said "you are all green here" from that day forward if you were stuck on the color of someones skin that was your problem, not mine.

My understanding is the DOJ has focused on white collar crimes, and has backed off drug crimes. From someones "prospective" it might look racist because only white privileged have money. < the point is anything can be racist even if it isn't or meant to be. I just want the person wearing the DOJ hat to be more than a hypersensitive person who is unprofessional enough to let personal issues get in the way of being the top cop.

I spend just about every weekend in a federal prison camp, I only get to see the people who have loved ones in the area or the ones who do what they have to do to visit the person in prison so I cant claim to know much but I do know my Gal knows her stuff, and I agree with her, the system is broken, but not on the lines of race. Except for maybe Native Americans, they seem to get a raw deal having the Feds dealing with those cases.

Posted by: chris | Jan 7, 2015 2:25:18 PM

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