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February 7, 2015

Early February highlights from Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform

Though it has not been too long since my last round-up of notable new posts from Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform, I have been posting various topics that may be of interest to regular readers of this blog:

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Tribal. I was appalled when I visited Venice Beach where the cost was $160 an ounce after a brief $40 visit to get prescribed a brand specific to one's illness. I wish I had done that, and recommend any one going to Venice go in the clinics on every single block, when they scream, at every block, "The Doctor is in. Walk in. Fly out." Then it is $400 in Colorado.

These outrageous prices represent an arbitrage opportunity for the tribes. Buy excellent shit on the street for $60, boutique stuff from Hawaii or Oregon. Sell it legally for $100, drive the big government assholes in Cali and in Colorado out of business.


Depression. I know people whose anxiety and insomnia were treatment resistant to everything, including high doses of benzodiazepines. They responded to legal prescribed Marinol in low doses. One thing about the Marinol pill, besides its legality, besides its production by the federal government on a farm in Delaware, it is too slow to produce any high, and is for people seeking normalcy not intoxication. There is a THC receptor in the brain of uncertain function. So it is a substance God wants you to have.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Feb 8, 2015 11:38:46 AM

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