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September 16, 2015

Hoping (again) to hear criminal justice reform discussion during tonight's GOP debate

Regular readers know I am ever eager to have the national political conversation focus on criminal justice issues, and thus today I am giddy with pre-GOP-debate anticipation again.  As just explained via this new post over at Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform, the location and run-up to tonight's debate has me thinking that federal marijuana laws and policies could possibly get some attention.  In addition, as detailed in lots of prior posts linked below, there are plenty of other criminal justice topics that would merit attention as CNN tries to encourage a "real debate" among the GOP candidates on topics in which they have some real disagreements.

I am due to be off-line the rest of this afternoon, so this will be my last pre-debate post.  I will close it not only by linking to lots of my pre-debate questions from last month, but also by again encouraging readers to fill the comments with questions they would like to see asked of the candidates.

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Criminal justice got less air time than Donald Trump's hair spray.

Posted by: Eric Knight | Sep 17, 2015 12:02:09 PM

Actually, criminal justice broadly defined got a lot of air time: war, war, war . . .

Posted by: Fred | Sep 17, 2015 2:52:04 PM

Upon further thought, scaremongering, scaremongering, scaremongering . . .

The bread and butter of what criminal justice is all about.

Posted by: Fred | Sep 17, 2015 2:56:35 PM

Actually, the marijuana discussion toward the end was among the most substantive criminal justice policy discussion during a national Prez debate in quite a long time. It is still just crumbs on a big empty plate, but in the desert a thimble of water looks like an oasis.

Posted by: Doug B. | Sep 17, 2015 2:57:03 PM

Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember it. But by then I was 3/4 through a bottle of bourbon and lying on my living room floor crying.

Posted by: Fred | Sep 17, 2015 4:05:58 PM

Here is a good example of what I mean above by war, war, war, and scaremongering, scaremongering, scaremongering . . .


"I wouldn’t speak to Vladimir Putin. I would act instead, and do four things immediately,” she said. “Rebuilding the Sixth Fleet, rebuilding the missile defense program, I would begin conducting very aggressive military exercises in the Baltic states and I would arm the Ukrainians.”

Imagine how easily it would be for the Resolute Oarsman to re-purpose this to support a further enlargement of Incarceration Nation.

Posted by: Fred | Sep 17, 2015 4:10:19 PM

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