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March 21, 2016

Some interesting recent discussions of religion and the death penalty

Long-time readers know I have long been intrigued by (and uncertain about) the intersection of strong religious beliefs and strong opinions on the death penalty. For that reason, these recent pieces caught my eye:

From the New Yorker here, "The Catholic Movement Against Capital Punishment"

From Patheos here, "Why Authentic Christians Must Oppose the Death Penalty"

From RawStoy here, "Bible: 6 Ways Jewish Bernie Sanders Is More Like Christ, Christian Donald Trump More Like Anti-Christ"

The last of these pieces talks about a lot more than the death penalty, but I figured it might help generate some extra fun comments.

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The New Yorker and Patheos arguments are quite weak.

The Title of Olson's Patheos is humorous.

He would have us believe that the greatest of the world's Christian scholars are not authentic Christians.

Please review:

New Testament Death Penalty Support Overwhelming

The current Catholic movement against the death penalty is socially quite active, but is actually quite weak

Catholic Church: Problems with Her Newest Death Penalty Position:
The Catechism & Section 2267

Posted by: DSharp | Mar 22, 2016 5:14:01 AM

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