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April 30, 2016

Emerging news about two new notable gun control and gun safety efforts

These two recent stories about gun control and gun safety efforts from the folks in California and from the federal government have caught my eye lately:

Long-time readers ikely know I have long thought both governments and others ought to be investing in smart gun technologies to try to cut down on gun violence and related harms. At the very least, I think modern guns ought to have some kind of built in technology that could provide, though could/GPS technology, some kind of digital trace whenever used by someone other than their licensed owner (I have in mind a kind of Lojack system that would only report when the licensed owner is not the user).

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New guns arent the problem in America.
There are Millions of guns out there. There were over 3000 shootings in Chicago last yr, shootings not just shots fired. They have the most gun restrictions in the US, im just sure all if these bizos had there foid card right. Of coarse they did.

Smart guns will never work, nobody wants them. You can shove them down law enforcements throat, but its a no go for the general public. The public us never going tonregister their guns or give them up, just wont do it.

Lets be clear, there is no gun show loop hole. NONE. Everyone does background checks. If deals were done out in the parking lot, they could be done anywhere. So forget gun show loopholes.

Whats the fix. Mental illness, gangs, media dramatizing shootings, Nancy Grace type shows, healthcare has failed us, they just want their money, as addicts dont fit into their scheme plan.

Why oh why did the feds ever allow guns to be manufactured that look like military rifles.
City prople think it looks cool, just like sylvester stallon and Chuck Norris. Violent video games, violent movies and they are on TV every night.

Cleanup these areas and it is a much better start than smart guns.

Clinton will not get elected because of guns and she is viewed as corrupt and untrustworthy.

Posted by: MidWestGuy | May 1, 2016 7:09:55 PM

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