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May 24, 2016

Dynamic commentary on SCOTUS work in Foster and related Monday news

A number of bright folks have already had some dynamic takes the Supreme Court's rulings yesterday in the Georgia capital case, Foster v. Chapman.  Organized alphabetically by location of the commentary, here are a few early takes that caught my eye:

The pieces by Epps and Otis are extra-notable because they link into their discussions the SCOTUS Miller remands and the not guilty verdict in a Freddy Gray prosecution, respectively.

UPDATE Scott Greenfield made via Twitter the excellent point that the list above included only "commentaries on Foster from people who don't pick juries & nothing from anyone who does." So, with Scott's help, I am here rounding out my round-up of Foster takes:

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Bill Otis discusses when it's acceptable to hold factually guilty people legally innocent (or at least temporarily overturn guilty verdicts) and provides some compliments to defense attorneys. Brrrr. (just joshing ... where's my coat?)

Posted by: Joe | May 24, 2016 11:52:23 AM

Hello! Professor Anna Roberts has excellent commentary on this case, and the persistence of bias in jury selection, here: https://casetext.com/posts/foster-v-chatman-an-egregious-batson-violation-and-a-scotus-reversal

Claudine (staff at Seattle U Law)

Posted by: Claudine Benmar | May 25, 2016 4:46:04 PM

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