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June 15, 2016

If you are eager to take a peek behind this blog...

you can and should thank Scott Greenfield, the defense attorney behind the terrific Simple Justice blog, for kindly inviting me to be subject to this "cross" at Mimesis Law.  Scott asked me 10 series of questions about my personal and professional history, and as a teaser I will reprint here the first and last sent of Scott's "crossing" inquiries:

Q. You graduated Princeton in 1990 with a degree in philosophy.  Why philosophy?  Was this about a liberal arts foundation for the future, or was there a plan to be the Nietzsche of Jersey?  How did that prepare you for the rigors of law school and, later, the practice of law?  Were there any alternatives coming out of Princeton other than law for your future?...

Q. Having written the hornbook on sentencing law, getting your second endowed chair professorship, and being the acknowledged sentencing scholar on the internets, what’s next for you?  Are you a professor for life?  Dean someday? What about a seat next to Judge Calabresi? What’s the next step for Doug Berman?  And will SL&P last forever?

If you are curious at all about how I responded to these queries and eight more sets of terrific questions in between, please do check out CROSS: Douglas Berman, The Final Sentence

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