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September 26, 2016

FBI releases "official" 2015 US crime statistics showing increase in violent crime (especially murderes) and decreased property crime

As reported in this official FBI press release, "[a]fter two years of decline, the estimated number of violent crimes in the nation increased 3.9 percent in 2015 when compared with 2014 data, according to FBI figures released today. Property crimes dropped 2.6 percent, marking the 13th straight year the collective estimates for these offenses declined." This short FBI report on its latest data provides these additional particulars and helpful context:

Today, the FBI released its annual compilation of crimes reported to its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program by law enforcement agencies from around the nation. Crime in the United States, 2015 reveals a 3.9 percent increase in the estimated number of violent crimes and a 2.6 percent decrease in the estimated number of property crimes last year when compared to 2014 data.

According to the report, there were an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes committed around the nation.  While that was an increase from 2014 figures, the 2015 violent crime total was 0.7 percent lower than the 2011 level and 16.5 percent below the 2006 level.

Among some of the other statistics contained in Crime in the United States, 2015:

  • The estimated number of murders in the nation was 15,696. [This is a roughly 11% increase from 2014.]

  • During the year, there were an estimated 90,185 rapes. (This figure currently reflects UCR’s legacy definition.....) [This is a roughly 6% increase from 2014.]

  • There were an estimated 327,374 robberies nationwide, which accounted for an estimated $390 million in losses (average dollar value of stolen property per reported robbery was $1,190).

  • Firearms were used in 71.5 percent of the nation’s murders, 40.8 percent of robberies, and 24.2 percent of aggravated assaults.

  • Property crimes resulted in losses estimated at $14.3 billion. The total value of reported stolen property (i.e., currency, jewelry, motor vehicles, electronics, firearms) was $12,420,364,454.

Like all detailed and intricate numbers about crime and punishment, these latest data can (and surely will) be spun in all sorts of ways.  For some early examples of the spin, here are some early commentaries about the data:

From Crime & Consequences here, "Complacency Mongers, Start Your Engines!"

From the Daily Beast here, "Violent Crime Is Up, but Trump Is Still Wrong"

From the Huffington Post here, "2015 Was One Of The Safest Years In The Past 2 Decades, According To FBI Crime Stats"

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I really dislike Bill Otis' hysterical rhetoric. He even brings up Wendell Callahan again. Nothing like anecdotes when you have no evidence.

Posted by: Fat Bastard | Sep 26, 2016 2:19:52 PM

I think it is insane that it takes so long to put together such a report.

Posted by: Soronel Haetir | Sep 26, 2016 4:40:34 PM

I guess politfact has some 'splainin to do.

Posted by: federalist | Sep 26, 2016 5:46:43 PM


I could not help but follow your link to the C&C blegh and reading yours, WO's and TQ's comments.

You should know better than to feed the animals!

Posted by: albeed | Sep 26, 2016 8:04:52 PM

Here's what's amazing--in June, Donald Trump says that crime is rising. He is pilloried by the MSM including Politfact. Turns out he was right. Where are the apologies?

I point out that the prosecution for gun crimes has dropped, and I posit that could be causing murders to happen that would not have otherwise happened---and some d-bag going by vachesacree trolls me. Hmmm, I guess I look pretty smart.

The extra body count is very large---well over 1000. We know that Barack Obama, whose kids have Secret Service protection, is responsible for the predations of Kesler Dufrene and Wendell Callahan---looks like he has a whole lot more blood on his hands.

Posted by: federalist | Sep 27, 2016 7:31:05 AM

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