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December 18, 2016

So many states with so many interesting marijuana reform stories ... only partially covered at Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform

Especially since the election, I have found the stories and debates surrounding capital and non-capital sentencing reforms to be filled with even more intrigue and uncertainty than usual.  And yet, even as sentencing law and policy gets even more dynamic, I continue to find legal and policy and practice developments in the marijuana reform space to be on a whole different level.  Part of this reality comes from the fact that marijuana reform right now is such a diverse state-by-state story nationwide, with big new developments occurring literally from corner to corner of the United States.  For example, in this new round-up of notable headlines at my Marijuana Law, Policy and Reform blog, there is news of note from Alaska and California and Florida and Maine (as well as from fly-over states like Ohio and Montana).

Of course, all criminal justice reform stories are ultimately state-by-state stories in the United States.  Still, the fact that we see so much state-level reform an innovation in the teeth of continued federal blanket prohibition seems to me an important reminder of how decentralized power in this great country can be if folks take the time to try to avoid undue obsession with the laws and policy that emerge only from inside the Beltway.  And here are a few more more recent posts from MLP&R further reinforcing this essential story: 

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For those reading about the psychotic effect of marijuana, please remember the doctrine of the dose response curve. In too small a dose, no benefit. In too high a dose, toxicity. True of all remedies, including legal ones. This effect applies to water. People die of water intoxication. In the proper dose, radiation is beneficial to health. See Hormesis. So people with either a pro or a con agenda can find support for their positions. The reader should demand they review the dose-response curve.

Please, remember the very most toxic substance causing criminality is alcohol. No one may advocate banning marijuana without advocating a ban on alcohol or tobacco. Since there is zero chance for either of these two, I support the legalization of marijuana. I would support the Prohibition of Marijuana only if tobacco and alcohol were truly banned, with automatic and Draconian enforcement.

Prohibition, 1) prevents the capture of taxes on a crop that is more lucrative than all others combined; 2) exports those profits to criminal gangs now so wealthy and powerful as to challenge the governments of countries that are good friends to our nation; 3) promotes serial murders of competitors by local criminal gang distributors, on our streets, instead of friendly competition by local stores, these got so out of hand Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines had to be enacted.

These catastrophic mistakes are 100% the fault of the really stupid lawyer profession. Why? So it can generate a few, worthless, government make work jobs in lawyer rent seeking and ripoff of the tax payer. So the mistake in intentional, not that stupid, and to make money.

Posted by: David Behar | Dec 18, 2016 2:21:56 PM

David Behar writes: "These catastrophic mistakes are 100% the fault of the really stupid lawyer profession." Apparently a student of the Supremacy or the Supremacy himself. Mr. Behar, if that's your name, with respect, you should follow the course taken by your master.

Posted by: Emily | Dec 18, 2016 9:44:10 PM

Emily. Can you make a substantive point?

Posted by: David Behar | Dec 19, 2016 7:48:51 PM

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