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March 24, 2017

Thanks to voter approval of Prop 57, "California prisons to free 9,500 inmates in 4 years" based on new early-release credit rules

The middle title of this post quotes the title of this new AP article and provides a bit of context.  For more explanation, here is more from the AP article:

Corrections officials adopted new criminal sentencing rules on Friday that aim to trim California’s prison population by 9,500 inmates after four years.

They include steps like reducing inmates’ sentences up to six months for earning a college degree and by up to a month each year for participating in self-help programs such as alcohol and substance abuse support groups and counseling, anger management, life skills, victim awareness, restorative justice, and parenting classes. Virtually any inmate except those on death row or those serving life-without-parole sentences is eligible to earn the credits and lower the sentence.

It’s the latest step in a years-long drive to dramatically lower the state’s prison population in response to federal court orders stemming from lawsuits by prison advocates and pressure to turn away from mass incarceration.

The changes follow voters’ approval of Proposition 57 in November. The initiative lets certain felons seek parole more quickly and gave corrections officials broad discretion to grant early release credits. “I think that it’s a monumental change for the organization and I think across the state, across the nation, I don’t think that anybody has altered how they are incarcerating offenders as much as what Prop 57 does,” Corrections Secretary Scott Kernan told The Associated Press.  The goal, he said, is to encourage inmates to start “doing something with their incarceration and not just sitting on their bunks.”

The changes in parole eligibility will take effect April 12 if they win initial approval from state regulators, with final approval by October after a public comment period. The earlier release credits and earlier parole consideration will be phased in starting May 1 while the public review is underway.

Police and particularly prosecutors fought the ballot initiative, arguing that it will release dangerous offenders sometimes years earlier than called for in their sentences. It also will put convicts more quickly into county probation systems that already are stretched. Kernan said he took some of their objections into account, for instance by barring sex offenders and third-strike career criminals from seeking earlier parole.

The changes are projected to eventually lower California’s prison population by about 7 percent and keep the state below the federal court-ordered population of about 116,000 inmates in the 34 adult prisons. The changes also will let the state phase out a long-running program that currently keeps nearly 4,300 inmates in private prisons in other states.

[T]he bulk of the reductions would come from steps like doubling the credits inmates receive for completing education and training programs, to a maximum of three months in any 12-month period, and expanding them to include violent offenders. Inmates would also start getting expanded credits for not violating prison rules starting May 1. That would typically reduce a violent offender’s sentence by 19 days each year, Kernan said, calling the reduction “relatively modest.”

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It should be mandatory to spend 10% of any savings to follow up the released, and to count the increase in crime attributable to them. The best would be to follow individuals, and to interview them about their criminal activity, holding a certificate of absolute legal immunity from the Justice Department.

At the macro level, a decarceration of 3% resulted in a spike of 15% more murders in 20 big cities. The number of lesser crimes is probably more increased, and is being covered up by the lawyer profession.

Posted by: David Behar | Mar 24, 2017 11:26:53 PM

They can't do that. Once they start that the numbers would quickly the sex offender regime for the total criminal fraud it always has been

Posted by: rodsmith | Mar 25, 2017 12:59:17 AM

Rod. I am not sure. Once absolute immunity is guaranteed, you get some surprising results. I once had to use a calculator. We figured out, this exhibitionist had 7000 victims. We were in a town of 70,000 people.

Posted by: David Behar | Mar 25, 2017 2:15:35 PM

Yes and he is one of the execs that price the rule. Most are one shot wonders. Do something stupid for whatever reason..get caught the never reoffend. They have been fighting about sex offender defense rates for decades now. The real numbers have been available since just a few years after 1994. Thanks all the thousands out on the registry....nice forward to 2027 23 years later..how many have a new Sex CRIME Conviction. There is your rate broken down by years since 1994. Fight is over and so is the Fraud the govt has pulled in the course and the American people

Posted by: rodsmith | Mar 26, 2017 1:51:11 AM

Rod. If you referring to the Sex offender registries, and even to sex offender laws, I agree. Really stupid stealing of tax money. The originators and all the employees should be criminally prosecuted for fraud. They list the teens in love, the kid who peed in an alley, the junior high school girl who texted a oicture of herself in a bath towel, showing no private part, and even the viewers of child porn who did not molest a real child sexually. These registries do nothing but steal tax money.

Sex offender registries. Add them to the list of lawyer quackery, lawyer worthless rent seeking, and outright lawyer thieving of tax money.

Posted by: David Behar | Mar 26, 2017 9:52:14 AM

I am the wife of an inmate. My husband of 27 years was approved for parole October 25th, 2016. His parole was approved by Governor Brown on February 23, 2017. He was then notified he will be serving an additional three years for a weapons possession that he got in 1983. His original sentence was 15 to life for second degree murder. He started that sentence in 1980. Will proposition 57 help my husband in any way, and if so, what can he do???? What can I do to help him? We both realize at our ages we don't have that much time left and any time together will be a huge blessing. Thank you for any insight or information you can provide me with.

Posted by: Jeri Cook | Mar 27, 2017 6:23:46 PM

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Posted by: john richmond | Apr 29, 2017 10:22:32 AM

my ex is serving 37 to life for a 3rd strike robbery conviction, which is a "violent" offense per PC 667.5(c). he also got 2 5 year enhancements for prior serious felonies...and a 2 year dissuading a witness conviction...not "violent"...he is now eligible for early parole, as he has served the "full term" without enhancements, consecutive, or alternative sentences...of 6 years...learned that inmates with mix of violent/nonviolent felonies can still qualify as long as they've completed serving the term for the violent felony (longest base term)...i wrote a petition today and it's on care2.com called "STAND UP FOR INMATES' RIGHTS UNDER PROP 57!!" the public comment period ends 9/1/17 and the cdcr is trying to exclude all 3 strikers and registered sex offenders illegally and unconstitutionally~please sign the petition as there's strength in numbers...cdcr and scott kernan secretary were already sued 4/27/17 by alliance for constitutional sex charge laws in sacramento...follow that case and help me fight the cdcr before the proposed regs become final~god bless, judy p.s. i'm missing my ex so much...just an ex spouse...

Posted by: judilee325 | Aug 19, 2017 11:13:02 PM

just to clarify, he got 25 to life for the 3rd strike...robbery PC 212.5(A), 5 years each for two priors, and 2 years for the 136.1 dissuading a witness...total 37 years...the DA dropped the grand theft auto charge and left in the robbery...if it had been reversed, he could have come home after prop 36 passed as gta is nonviolent, nonserious felony...now cdcr trying to illegally exclude all 3 strikers when prop 57 did not do so...very stressful but we'll persevere...please pray for us! haven't seen him in more than 10 years and going to visit in 2 weeks! can barely breathe! goodnight, judy p.s. just an ex spouse.

Posted by: judilee325 | Aug 19, 2017 11:18:03 PM

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