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January 5, 2018

"Prosecutors and Democracy: A Cross-National Study"

9781316638149The title of this post is the title of this recently published book by Máximo Langer and David Sklansky. Here is how the publisher describes the book's contents:

Focusing on the relationship between prosecutors and democracy, this volume throws light on key questions about prosecutors and the role they should play in liberal self-government.  Internationally distinguished scholars discuss how prosecutors can strengthen democracy, how they sometimes undermine it, and why it has proven so challenging to hold prosecutors accountable while insulating them from politics.  The contributors explore the different ways legal systems have addressed that challenge in the United States, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.  Contrasting those strategies allows an assessment of their relative strengths -- and a richer understanding of the contested connections between law and democratic politics. Chapters are in explicit conversation with each other, facilitating comparison and deepening the analysis. This is an important new resource for legal scholars and reformers, political philosophers, and social scientists.

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The lawyer has many false beliefs. One is that its profession can regulate itself. That is not possible for any human. The Disciplinary Counsel only enforces 4 rules, and almost never any other.

All lawyer self dealt immunities must be ended by an amendment to the constitution. Prosecutors have dozens of duties to defendants enumerated in statutes covering the Rules of Evidence, of Criminal Procedure, of Conduct, and in the common law precedents. Make the prosecutor accountable under professionals standards of professional due care.

Once that is achieved, do the same with the subhuman scum on the bench.

Posted by: David Behar | Jan 6, 2018 1:56:24 AM

Hug a thug worked here.


Posted by: David Behar | Jan 6, 2018 2:38:41 PM

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