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March 27, 2018

After botched effort last month, Alabama agrees not to try again to execute Doyle Lee Hamm

As reported in this NBC News piece, an "Alabama death-row inmate who survived a botched lethal injection will not face another date with death under a settlement his attorney struck with the state." Here is more:

Doyle Lee Hamm filed a civil rights action last month after the prison medical team repeatedly punctured him in an effort to place an IV before calling off the execution just before his death warrant expired.

His attorney, Columbia law professor Bernard Harcourt, said the procedure amounted to "torture" and was so painful that the 69-year-old Hamm hoped for a quick death. "During this time Mr. Hamm began to hope that the doctor would succeed in obtaining IV access so that Mr. Hamm could 'get it over with' because he preferred to die rather than to continue to experience the ongoing severe pain," Dr. Mark Heath, who was retained by Harcourt to examine Hamm, wrote in a report after examining the inmate.

Hamm was sentenced to death for the 1987 murder of hotel clerk Patrick Cunningham.

His legal team warned the state that his veins were in such bad shape from drug use and cancer treatment that it would be very challenging, if not impossible to place the needle that would deliver the lethal drugs.

After that prediction proved true, Harcourt and the state began confidential negotiations. The result is that the state won't set another execution date and Hamm will drop his legal challenges.

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The lawyer has condemned the condemned to a slow, painful, and humiliating death. The family of the victim should be allowed to visit him in the hospital to witness his agony, and to satisfy their blood lust. The DOJ lawyers via the DEA lawyers have a policy of limiting opiates. So, it will only be ibuprofen for the condemned.

The prison team is not a medical team. I have proposed having executioners undergo EMT training. Then, they should volunteer to go to emergency scenes and start IV's under the most difficult of circumstances in car crashes, in OD victims, in industrial and farming accidents. They will become proficient. They should also be taught to insert central lines, into the vena cave, the big vein returning to the heart. It is the equivalent in size or even larger than the aorta, the artery leaving the heart.

Here it is in 10 minutes. See one. Do one under supervision. Good to go. You may skip the ultrasound. What is the worse than can happen from a mistake, the guy dies?


Posted by: David Behar | Mar 27, 2018 6:32:24 PM

Chris Geidner reported that SCOTUS just denied a final appeal for this guy: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rosendo-rodriguez-texas-suitcase-killer-execution-tuesday/

These things show up on Twitter before SCOTUS gets around to posting it on its website.

Posted by: Joe | Mar 27, 2018 6:57:24 PM

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