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May 14, 2018

"Killer Nanny" gets LWOP sentence plus 50 years for murdering kids in her care

Though I am never quite sure how often to blog about individual cases, I sometimes cannot resist reporting on the high-profile sentencing of defendants who get notorious monikers.  Today, as reported in this New York Daily News piece, the "Killer Nanny" got sentenced.  Here are some details:

The Upper West Side nanny who butchered two helpless children in 2012 was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 50 years Monday, capping a harrowing story that has gripped the city for nearly six years.

Yoselyn Ortega, 55, was convicted of first-degree murder on April 18 after a heartbreaking two-month trial in Manhattan Supreme Court. The conviction, which carries a mandatory sentence of life without parole, sealed her fate of never seeing the light of day as a free woman.

It provided a much-needed measure of relief for the parents of 6-year-old Lulu and 2-year-old Leo Krim, who were savagely slain in the bathroom of their W. 75th St. home on Oct. 25, 2012, while the mom was out at a swim class with their middle sibling Nessie, then 3.

The children's parents, Kevin Krim, 42, and Marina Krim, issued statements thanking the judge and jurors and the district attorney's office. Marina Krim, 41, went a step further, and called out the "evil defendant" and her "entire family of bad, unethical people." Her husband echoed her sentiments, but dedicated his statement to memories of their two slain children....

At trial, Ortega's lawyer argued she should be found not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect — a bid the jury rejected after weeks of psychiatric testimony from experts on both sides. Ortega stabbed and slashed the adorable children in the rear bathroom of the second-floor apartment of the La Rochelle before plunging a kitchen knife into her own throat in a failed suicide attempt.

She settled her affairs by leaving her important documents for her sister and family heirlooms for her 17-year-old son — which prosecutors argued was proof she was of sound mind when she planned the unthinkable acts of that day.

Assistant District Attorney Stuart Silberg argued she was driven by spite aimed at Marina and rage over her own personal failures. "It was her intention to take their lives and to destroy the family," he said at the sentencing. "This defendant to this day has shown no remorse. She has never shed a tear for these children. Why isn't she in tears now?"

Little Lulu, who desperately tried to defend herself, sustained about 30 knife wounds, many defensive, while her kid brother suffered about five. Ortega cut them both across the throat leaving the tots no chance for survival. "Every stab, every slash — each one had a purpose and that purpose was to end the lives of those children," Silberg argued in summations....

Ortega also cried a little just before the sentence was imposed, framing herself as the real victim. "I'm very sorry for everything that happened, but I hope that no one goes through what I have gone through," she told the court.

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Is mental illness a mitigating or an aggravating factor in sentencing?

Posted by: David Behar | May 14, 2018 7:52:26 PM

DB will never be condemned.

Posted by: Claudio Giusti | May 15, 2018 10:23:25 AM

Claudio. People whose incomes depend on protecting the criminal are continually, and viciously attacking me, on this blog. They all want me gone. Why? They make their living from the criminal. The victims generates no income, and may rot.

Posted by: David Behar | May 15, 2018 11:38:03 AM

Protecting the rights of the accused, you fascist idiot.

Posted by: Claudio Giusti | May 15, 2018 5:20:23 PM

These rights are all invented, false, and fraudulent. They are not rights to be freed if innocent. They are rights to an infinity of procedures to generate fraudulent lawyer jobs. The American lawyer learned this shit from the Inquisitors. The Inquisition business model lasted 700 years. When you look at the splendor of Vatican, how do you think that was financed? Was it from the money offered in collection boxes?

The first Inquisition ended when French patriots beheaded and expelled 10,000 high church officials. That is the model to remedy the Inquisition 2.0, as well.

Posted by: David Behar | May 16, 2018 11:10:01 AM

disgustin idiot !!!! Retaded fascist !!!

Posted by: Claudio Giusti | May 16, 2018 4:05:05 PM

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