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July 13, 2018

Some midsummer highlights from Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform

Depending on one's perspective and professional calendar, the middle of July might feel more like the start of summer (for SCOTUS followers) or more like the end of summer (for law profs with classes starting in August). But with my favorite midsummer classic just a few days way, I am inclined to say call around now midsummer.

I am also inclined to note that it has been nearly a month since I did a full round-up of posts of note from the blogging I do over at Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform, and so I will head into the weekend by here rounding up some MLP&R highlights (for MLB highlights, the Home Run Derby is Monday):

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Cannabis may replace alcohol, especially in young people. Today, more young people use it than drink to excess. The result will be a net decrease in impaired driving, and a net saving of lives taken by crashes.

Posted by: Dsvid Behar | Jul 14, 2018 6:52:50 PM

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