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August 11, 2018

A closing thanks to Prof Drinan ... and an open invitation

As readers know, I was fortunate to have Professor Cara Drinan guest-blogging on her book, titled "The War on Kids: How American Juvenile Justice Lost Its Way," while I was on the road this past week. In addition to here expressing my thanks for her great work keeping this space warm while I was away, I also wanted to link all her postings here:

On Prof Drinan's book:

 Other postings:

In addition to closing out Prof Drinan's guest-blogging, I figured I would also use this post to note my general eagerness to help all sorts of folks utilize this soap-box in all sorts of ways.  As regular readers know, I can and often will do a single guest-post when someone sends me new information or thoughtful commentaries on sentencing topics.  And I am ever interested in having an array of authors guest-post about recent articles, reports or books.  I also welcome comments with suggestions on ways to get other voices in this space.

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