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January 14, 2019

Seeking reader suggestions for really tough (sentencing) questions for AG nominee William Barr

The Senate confirmation hearing for President Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Justice, William Barr, is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.  The headline of this Los Angeles Times article, "William Barr to face tough Senate hearing on attorney general nomination," predict a "tough" experience for Barr.  But, from my perspective, what could really make the hearing effective is for there to be a lot of sentencing reform and criminal-justice related questions.

As the title of this post suggests, I am eager to hear from readers in the comments about that might view as really "tough" questions for AG nominee Barr.  Here are a few that I have been thinking about based only on relatively current events:

I could go on and on, of course, with questions exploring President Bush's role in ramping up the drug war, President Trump's stated interest in the death penalty for drug dealers, and myriad issues related to federal marijuana prohibition.  But at this point I will just link below to prior posts about Bill Barr and again encourage interested readers to make suggestions in the comments.

Prior related posts:

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Do you agree that detention at Guantanamo Bay is a circumvention of the US Constitution and Justice System, breeds resentment and therefore danger to US military and civil populations, and flouts International Law and conventions. Will you seek the closure of the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay and deport all remaining inmates to a safe location where they can resume their lives, free of torture and unlawful confinement.

Posted by: peter | Jan 15, 2019 9:30:49 AM

What is your view on the constitutionality of the death penalty given the demonstrated race and class disparity in its prosecution and execution?

Posted by: defendergirl | Jan 15, 2019 9:39:01 AM

Who is the client of the DOJ and/or the US Attorney's office in any given district? (Note, many AUSAs tell me the agent is their client and they can't/won't do something because of how the agent will view it. That is outrageous. The American people are your client.)

Posted by: defendergirl | Jan 15, 2019 9:40:26 AM

Charming Billy, thoughts on prior history that reiggers enhancements, not to mention Mandtories.

Thoughts on constructive possession, based on the flimsiest evidence.

What are plzns to remove the residual lzuse from the guidelines, why/ why not.

Why cant the federal system mandate 60% of the sentence be served Vs 85%?

Why is supervised release so long, then you go back based on your sentenceing history category, which has nothing to do with re-offending? Person alredy did extra long time with high history categoriy.

Is it the intent of the Feds to House offenders forever? Why is sentence and supervised release an eternity?

Why is every little thing you ever did used to ratchet up the sentence, but yet, downwRd departures are very rare.

Please explain Ex federal Judge Jack Camps marvelous sentence! ! !
Find out very quickly that Sweet William nor did Sessions understand the guidelines.

Posted by: MidWestGuy | Jan 15, 2019 12:53:40 PM

Probably will not be asked -- but what is your view of the relationship between the U.S. Attorneys and the local state prosecutors in their jurisdiction? What makes an offense worthy of federal prosecution and what offenses should be left to the state prosecutors? Are there any circumstances that justify dual prosecution?

Posted by: tmm | Jan 15, 2019 5:39:03 PM

What, if anything will be done for those innocent inmates that have served time and are still being persecuted for the rest of their life?

Posted by: LC in Texas | Jan 15, 2019 8:10:12 PM

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