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April 14, 2019

Lots of good diverse weekend criminal justice reads

I have already spent a very large number of hours this weekend watching sports (congrats Tiger and Let's Go Jackets), and I still have lots more sports (deGrom and Alonso are on my fantasy team) and a series premier still to watch tonight.  But amidst all the nice distractions (and finally some nice weekend weather in central Ohio), I was able to catch up with some notable recent criminal justice commentary from an array of notably diverse sources.  Each of these linked pieces merit their own blog post, but a busy weekend requires just this round-up:

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re Volokh
"But I fear that muddling through these cases on the shadow docket will not produce the procedural regularity or early filing that the majority claims to want, and if it goes on much longer, it may also give Justice Breyer’s accusations of arbitrariness the unfortunate appearance of truth."

In other words, the present procedures almost guarantee that Justice Breyer's accusations are in fact true. I wonder how many more nails are required to end the miserable history of the death penalty in the US.

Posted by: peter | Apr 15, 2019 5:12:12 AM

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