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May 12, 2019

A Mother's Day round up of stories in incarceration nation

Last year in this post I did a review of mom-related incarceration articles in honor of Mother's Day. And another year brings another set of these articles worth posting:

From the Boston Globe, "Criminal justice reform must focus on women who are incarcerated"

From the Idaho State Journal, "Mother's Day Behind Bars: Card contest helps Pocatello women's prison inmates cope"

From the Marshall Project, "Why Mothers Are the Unsung Heroes of Prison"

From NBCNews, "#FreeBlackMamas works to bail black mothers out of jail in time for Mother's Day"

From WNYT, "Schenectady man offers shuttle so adult kids can visit mom in prison"

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There is one thing that only prison guards, inmates and their families really know about Mothers. When the world has forgotten about an incarcerated man, and the rest of his (former) friends and family have turned their backs on him, his Mother will still be there, to stand with him, love him, support him and fight for him. The bond between Mothers and their children is unique and virtually unbreakable. When I was serving 8 years in Federal prison, my Mother came to visit me frequently at the 10 different prisons the BOP sent me to. I was moved frequently because the BOP doesn't like former lawyers who know how to use the law library and type. I always knew when Mom was coming to visit, in advance, except for one occasion. I was held at the old FCI - Petersburg, Virginia (it is now a Low Security prison, and the BOP built a new Medium Security prison on land behind the old prison, which was originally built in 1916 as a prison farm). One day, a guard appeared and told me to get dressed, that I had a visit coming. I was not expecting anyone, and was curious about who my visitor might be. When I arrived in the visiting room, I found that the visitor was my Mother. I feared that she had shown up unannounced to let me know that my elderly Grandfather (her father) had passed away. But that wasn't it. Mom said that she had realized that it had been several months since she had seen me, and she had nothing planned for the weekend, so she decided at the last minute to drive 8+ hours from Lexington, Ky. to Petersburg, Va. to visit me for 2 hours (the maximum time for a visit). Mom could not afford a hotel for the night, so she had to drive 8 hours in the other direction home after visiting me. No one else on earth would have done that just to visit me in prison for 2 hours.

Posted by: James Gormley | May 12, 2019 3:15:36 PM

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