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July 23, 2019

"Capital Punishment, 2017: Selected Findings"

The title of this post is the title of this just released report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  Though BJS is often the provided of the best available, in the capital punishment arena the Death Penalty Information Center tends to have more up-to-date and more detailed data on capital punishment.  In any event, this new BJS report includes "statistics on the number of prisoners executed each year from 1977 through 2017, the number and race of prisoners under sentence of death at year-end 2017 by state, and the average elapsed time from sentence to execution by year from 1977 through 2017."  And the short document sets out on its initial page these "highlights":

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Saying that New York "authorized" the death penalty is rather odd. The NY Court of Appeal declared NY's death statue unconstitutional in 2005. While technically still on the books is is unenforceable with no prospect of legislative action to change that.

Posted by: fuzzyone | Jul 23, 2019 6:02:03 PM

A couple of stats that I would find interesting -- but have never seen anywhere -- would be to breakdown the status of the death sentences further.

For example -- 1) cases on direct appeal; 2) cases on state collateral review; 3) cases on federal habeas review (maybe broken down by in district court or on appeal); 4) cases in which federal habeas review is completed. Similarly a breakdown by these categories of the component parts of the length between sentence and execution.

Posted by: tmm | Jul 25, 2019 11:43:58 AM

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