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September 12, 2019

Council on Criminal Justice produces papers on "The 1994 Crime Bill: Legacy and Lessons"

Via email, I learned the Council on Criminal Justice has a great new set of developing papers and resources taking a close look at the 1994 Crime Bill.  The materials are assembled on this page, and here are highlights:

On September 13, the Crime Bill turns 25.  After a quarter century, it’s as controversial as ever — and as important to understand.

What did the Crime Bill actually do? What does the research say about the impact it had on crime and justice? What lessons does it offer policymakers today?

To help answer these critical questions, the Council commissioned analyses from some of the nation’s most respected crime experts.  Papers examining the major provisions of the bill will be released over the coming months.

Overview and Reflections - Richard Rosenfeld 

Part One: Impacts on Prison Populations - William Sabol 

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In general the rapid growth of a system will slow and stop because of a shortage of resources needed to sustain the growth. The states found out very quickly that increased prison capacity paid for by the federal government resulted in increased operating costs they had to pay for. It is a lot harder to get money for corrections at the state level than at the federal level. One of the reasons the state prison growth slowed and stopped was because of funding limitations.

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