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November 3, 2019

Giving Oklahoma its criminal justice reform due

Regular readers will not be surprised to hear more about red-state Oklahoma's interesting and important criminal justice reform efforts, as I have tried to highlight here repeatedly the more-than-okay news from the OK state.  But with record-setting clemency developments (first noted here), the mainstream media is catching up as evidence by these recent pieces:

From the Boston Globe, "What a conservative state can teach us about progressive criminal justice reform"

From US News, "Oklahoma Focuses on Criminal Justice Reform"

From the Washington Post, "Oklahoma approves largest single-day commutation in U.S. history"

UPDATE: Here are a few more new pieces from the national media:

From CNN, "462 Oklahoma inmates will be released today in the largest commutation in US history"

From USA Today, "Hundreds of Oklahoma inmates to be freed, the largest mass release in US history"

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The State of Oklahoma, The real crimes committed against the poor, the disabled and anyone unable to defend themselves. The state of Oklahoma’s trick is to lock them up and then lie to them and tell them if they will plead guilty they can get out!! After being held without fresh air or sunlight or nutritious food for 2 years people will plead guilty to anything. This is wrong!!!!!!!

Matthew Bryant Christian dob 01/03/1990 was walking in the street on 10/04/2017 from Wal-Mart on Sheridan to 6th and Bell where the incident occurred. This couple Lottie Tatum and a tall black man, possibly her husband Esau Tatum were driving their car saw Matthew and they said he was yelling at them. The tall black man gets out of his car and tackled Matthew. That is when Matthew was able to find a brick on the ground. Matthew trying to get away from them feeling threatened threw a brick that struck Lottie and now Matthew is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon locked up since 10/04/2017 to stand trial for hate crimes committed against him. Matthew ran to the police station for help and was charged at that time and locked up. Case CFF-2017-681 Even if Matthew was yelling at them does that give them the right to attack and tackle Matthew? Matthew’s only defense was what was on the ground, they had their car and could have gotten away but that was not their intent. Yes, Matthew is schizophrenic and he was dressed like a girl but does that give people the right to attack, tackle, beat up or whatever else they may want to do? Yes, Matthew is guilty of self-defense and schizophrenia and cross dressing and he has been in the county jail since 10/04/2017 and this was the second time he’d been in trouble with the law. First case CF-2016-670. His first offense 11/10/2016 was indecent exposer. This incident occurred in his own home in his own bed! An aggressive homeless woman recently released from jail on meth charges, Bethany Mammedaty invited herself to his home thinking he was gay because he dresses like a girl. Then she climbed in his bed and he was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years and will be a sex offender for life. She should be the predator and sex offender not Matthew. I did not know that cross dressing in Oklahoma is against the law.

Dorothy Christian
511 NW Arlington Ave
Lawton, Ok


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Posted by: Dorothy Christian | Nov 7, 2019 9:34:24 PM

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