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December 1, 2019

Recommending "Good Law | Bad Law" and other podcasts

Though I do not regularly listen to podcasts, I am always eager to use this platform to promote good law-related podcasts for those who do.  Today I heard from a reader who suggested checking out "Good Law | Bad Law" podcasts.  Here was part of the pitch I received:

Good Law Bad Law ... is now one of the leading law-related podcasts in the country. This week's guest was Temple Law Professor and Trial Ad expert Jules Epstein discussing the case of yet another Philadelphia man released from a long-time life prison sentence after exoneration and the broader issue of the potential pitfalls of eyewitness testimony.  In other recent episodes, this podcast has tackled lessons from Watergate with former Assistant Special Prosecutor Henry Hecht (now with Berkeley Law); the Exxon climate change trial in New York, with Michael Gerrard (of Columbia Law); a discussion about the legacy of the Nazi past with Mary Fulbrook, a leading German historian at the University College of London; and the insanity defense, with one of the foremost mental health experts, Penn Law’s Stephen Morse.

In addition to being grateful for this podcast pitch, I would welcome reader input (via comments or email) on other podcast recommendations.  For criminal justice reform fans, essential listening must include the Decarceration Nation Podcast, which describes itself as "a podcast about radically re-imagining America’s criminal justice system ... created by Joshua B. Hoe to help bring attention to the need for criminal justice reform."   Also, this Ohio criminal law professor felt compelled to listen to Serial season 3 (focused on criminal justice administration in Cleveland) and the Over My Dead Body podcast (concerning Dan Markel's murder).

But I know there is so much more out there, and I welcome hearing from others about all the other great content that folks enjoy in this space.

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Hi there. I'm the co-host of the Citizen's Guide to the Supreme Court podcast. We cover supreme court cases in what we hope is an approachable way. Here's the website: https://cgttsc.wordpress.com/

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