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February 24, 2020

Whom else should Prez Trump pardon?

The question in the title of this post is prompted by this recent CNN piece by James Gagliano, headlined "This is one pardon Trump should consider." This extended piece starts and ends this way

Since pardons are something of a topic du jour, Mr. President, I have a simple request.  I'm fairly certain you've heard of former NFL star quarterback Michael Vick.  We also all noticed the news reports that you just gifted a commutation for an alum of "The Celebrity Apprentice" who was accused of shakedowns involving a children's hospital and pardoned a former police commissioner convicted for tax fraud and lying to the government.  So please, sir, hear me out -- I have a far more deserving candidate for your leniency consideration.

ESPN's two-part 30 for 30 documentary entitled "Vick" aired recently.  And to tell the complete story of the film's 39-year-old protagonist, every second of its three-hour run time was required.  Vick's tale is one of against-long-odds achievement, meteoric ascension to the pinnacle of his profession and losing it all, while falling prey to hubris and his own cripplingly poor decision-making.  It is also a story of forgiveness, second acts and deserved redemption, Mr. President....

Michael Vick made good on his second chance.  He's back working in football as a television analyst.  He's a family man. He has acknowledged his failures and atoned for them. He has blamed no one else but himself.  Michael Vick could certainly be any of us. He made some grievous mistakes.  As have we all -- including the man who currently occupies the Oval Office.  Here's hoping you'll give this pardon request some serious consideration, Mr. President.

I am sure readers have some additional ideas for clemency candidates now that Prez Trump has his pen going. I would love to hear in the comments additional suggestions.  (Amusingly, thie Fox News piece highlights a humorous suggestion from a notable source under the headline "Mark Hamill wants Trump to 'pardon' notorious 'Star Wars Holiday Special'.")

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I am hopeful that President Trump will consider my Pardon Petition. I would like to practice law again and help a lot of criminal defendants.

Posted by: James Gormley | Feb 24, 2020 11:22:34 AM

The president should pardon Roger Stone.

That was an absolute sham of a trial with the foreman of the jury texting while the trial is going on. And the judge and her gag orders are going against Roger's 1st amendment rights. He is allowed to talk.

All of this is from people that have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Get over it already. Trump is the president and soon enough he will be for another 4 years.

Posted by: Jeff Goldstein | Feb 24, 2020 7:00:07 PM

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