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April 22, 2020

Another round of recent COVID-influenced grants of federal sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A)

In this post late last week, I noted ten COVID-influenced grants of sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A) that showed up on Westlaw.  (I also once again noted my belief that my Westlaw listings surely do not represent all sentence reductions being granted these days).  Though today we are now just mid-week (with Westlaw only showing ruling through April 21), I have spotted enough new grants of sentence reductions that I figured another listing was in order: 

Poulios v. United States, No. 2:09-cr-109, 2020 WL 1922775 (ED Va. Apr. 21, 2020)

United States v. Scparta, No. 18-cr-578 (AJN), 2020 WL 1910481 (SDNY Apr. 20, 2020)

United States v. Atwi, No. 18-20607, 2020 WL 1910152 (ED Mich Apr. 20, 2020)

United States v. Gileno, No. 3:19-cr-161-(VAB)-1, 2020 WL 1916773 (D Conn. Apr. 20, 2020)

United States v. Turner, No. 3:09-cr-00018, 2020 WL 1917833 (WD Va. Apr. 20, 2020)

United States v. Asaro, No. 17-cr-127 (ARR), 2020 WL 1899221 (EDNY Apr. 20, 2020)

United States v. Joling, No. 6:11-cr-60131-AA, 2020 WL 1903280 (D Ore. Apr. 17, 2020) 

United States v. Atkinson, No. 2:19-CR-55 JCM (CWH), 2020 WL 1904585 (D Nev. Apr. 17, 2020) 

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